The moments you'll never forget....

  1. When our kids do something cute, or something amazing happens, we think we will remember it forever. Sad fact is, unless we write it down chances are good we won't remember every single thing. But, some things just stick in your mind forever no matter what. I wanted to start a thread to share those moments. Now that my daughter is 6, I can look back and I know I will remember these moments forever....

    -When she was 3 months old and asleep in my arms, I gave her a light kiss on the teeny little lips. She smiled in her sleep when I kissed her. It was such a sweet moment.

    -When she was 10 months old and took her first steps toward her daddy, arms out and a huge grin on her face and saying "dah dah dah dah." I cried and cried tears of joy. Daddy did too.

    -When she was first learning to talk, she had a pattern of saying everything. "Hi mommy hi! No nana no. Yes daddy yes. Ok mommy ok. Every single thing she said had this pattern. Sounded soooo cute!

    -When she was two and we got her a kitten, and named it Gilbert. She chased it around for hours saying "Gib-boat, gib-boat, be mah fend (friend). C'mon gib-boat an be mah fend!"

    -When she was barely three and we took her to the lake for the first time. She looked out at the water and screamed "Ahhhh, doshen! Doshen!" And I was like what? and DH said "The Ocean!" *LOL*

    -When she was 4 and told me I would be her best friend for 800 years. Brought me to tears, she was so sincere about it.

    -This morning, when she was in a bad mood and called me an "annoying doofus." I know it was wrong of her to call me an ugly name like that, but I laughed my butt off! It made my morning a lot brighter.

    Ok moms.....share yours!
  2. Awww, how sweet!! Our son is four months old I keep all of his firsts in his babybook.

    * His first smile was at his daddy
    * His first laugh
    * The first time he ate *solid* food it was bananas and he made the cutest scrunched up face
  3. This happened to me too, I even have a picture of this moment. :heart::heart:

    I came back from UNI and my baby was crawling and when she looked at me, out of nowhere she just stood up and walked towars me. I would never never ever forget that day. She is 9 now and she've told me "I am thankful for all I have and for having a family, and a house and toys and clothes and food, etc" I will always remember this too
  4. Ok... I'm cheating alittle b/c I don't have kids yet, but here is my mom's story:

    When I was a toddler I escaped my room during naptime and opened the door to the attic that extended over the cement garage floor w/open rafters. I toddled out over the rafters and reached a little ventalation window and started calling "Mommy" where she was with my sister outside down below. At that moment my mom said she was frozen with fear and trying not to frighten me, so she calmly said "Annie, you stay right there, Mommys coming to see you". She and my sister bolted up the stairs and she managed to balance out on the rafters and grab me out of the window while my sister watched. When I was safetly back in the room, my sister was thumping her chest with one hand and pointing at me with the other and said "Annie, YOU MADE MY HEART HURT!"

    Needless to say, I end up being a gymnast ;) Not exactly the sweetest story, but memorable nonetheless.
  5. Ah, my favorite story of my son, who is 5 and a half. Now my son is identicle to my husband, there is NO mistaking who the father was. You cannot see me in him whatsoever. Well everyone makes a big deal about this, so my son has heard he looks just like Daddy probably a thousand times. One morning as I was driving him to preschool, he asks me if he really looks like Daddy. I say "Yep, you sure do look just like Daddy, there is no Momma in you at all" To which he replies "yes there is momma, I have your heart" I about had to pull over to stop the tears!
  6. That's so sweet! It actually brought tears to my eyes!:heart:
  7. There's too many! One of my favorites is kissing my baby on his little lips when I thought he was asleep in my arms. As soon as I kissed him, he opened his eyes and gave me the most content, sweet little smile. I thought to myself that I'd never forget this moment, and I haven't! Both my children absolutely love their father and prefer to play with him over me. But at nighttime, it's the opposite. They want nothing to do with him. They can't sleep unless I'm there to rock them to sleep or tuck them in. Recently, my daughter (22months at the time) was getting drowsy, so I put her in her crib and she smiled at me. I asked her for a kiss goodnight, and she gives me this evil little smile, turns her head to the side, clenches her eyes and pretends to snore! Then laughs. It was hilarious!
  8. Purse, that's too funny!!! lol
  9. :cry: What a sweet and thoughtful little boy!
  10. Oh wow, that brought tears to my eyes!!!
  11. ^^^It still brings tears to my eyes every time I think about it - he says a lot of sweet things.

    And I just realized, this is my 2000th post!!
  12. Ooohh my goodness......I do not have any children and this has to be one of the nicest stories i have heard:crybaby:;)
  13. Oh my gosh, I just teared up. That is so sweet!

    haha, too cute!

    I love these, keep them coming! :tup:
  14. Every year on my childrens' birthdays' I write in a book so I can tell them how they grew and any funny/special antedotes. The best has to be how I kept telling my five year old DD how important hygenie was. I repeatedly told her to clean her ------ good. She came down the stairs (weeks later) of course while I had company, to tell me she cleaned her " for china" good after going to the bathroom. My friend asked me is "is that oppossed to for america??!!" My DD gave all of us such a laugh I'll never forget it....
  15. When DD was still a couple of months old, she'd make the weirdest face when pooping(:biggrin: pardon me heheheh).

    At 10 months old, when she was taking her first steps, I got so excited that I was shrieking and she turned and clapped hahahahhahaha

    When she'd smile while she was asleep.

    When she first kissed and hugged DH so randomly. I was so touched that I cried.

    Everytime she'd sit right next to me on the couch and lay her head on my lap.

    When I wink at her and she'd scrunch her nose and bat her lashes hahahahhaha