The moment of truth...

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  1. Tomorrow I have my 15 week appt. and I am so nervous about what I am going to weigh:s. At my last appt. I lost 1 lb., I think because my husband was away and I wasn't making and eating big dinners. BUT this past month, it has been Thanksgiving and I have been going to holiday parties, and...let's just say my pants are tighter, could be because of the baby growing, I know.

    Anyway, has anyone ever had a really large weight gain in a month before? My last pregnancy, I had a 7 lb. weight gain from month 4 to month 5:nuts:..."Try not to eat so many carbs" was what my dr. told me:lol:

    It's just so embarassing:girlsigh:
  2. I always get nervous too. With my first pregnancy, I only gained 25 lbs...most of it at the end. With this pregnancy, I so far have gained 7 lbs so far and I am 23 weeks today. I guess I am lucky. Now my sister is another story. With her first she gained a total of 60 lbs and with her second a total of 55 lbs. Her doctor never really yelled at her but would say to watch because of how hard it would be to take off after the baby came. She always came home embarassed.
  3. Don't be embarrased! Any weight you gain is probably necessary for the health of your baby. I hate when dr's harp about weight gain with women who aren't obese. Mine was really good about making sure I was gaining enough weight and wasn't worried about me gaining too much weight. I liked that because it made pregnancy less stressful and allowed me to enjoy the changes my body was going through. I didn't gain much weight during my pregnancy, but in the last trimester I gained weight much more quickly then before. I think it was about 5 pounds in one month one time. My doctor didn't say anything about it though.

    Congrats on your pregnancy! Take care of yourself and enjoy some more big means with your DH. I'm so happy for you :smile: I loved being pregnant- enjoy it!
  4. same here.. on 14th wk check up, I only gained 1lb.. now, when I went for my 18th check up.. I gained 6lbs!!!! :nuts:

    I kinda expected that already because "it's the Holidays"... ya know.. Thanksgiving, now.. Christmas.. New Year.. lotsa parties/gatherings.. can't really help it. :shame:

    I'll be back in the States for Christmas and New Year's.. and I KNOW.. I will be eating like a crazy when I get there.. :sweatdrop: I will just try to balance it out when I get back here. There aren't that many choices of food here, where my hubby is stationed at, so it's not gonna be that hard. Unless, I crave for something and actually prepare the food from scratch just to satisfy my craving. I hope that doesn't happen! :upsidedown:

    My doctor always tells me, don't worry about your weight too much.. just enjoy your pregnancy. :woohoo:
  5. I consistently lost weight during my first trimester because my morning sickness was so bad i ended up losing almost 7 pounds. But once i hit week 16 the sickness disappeared and within a period of 4 weeks (at week 20) gained all 7 pounds back. I was so happy!!!
  6. Don't be embarrassed!! I gained 60 lbs through my whole pregnancy, sometiems gaining 10 lbs a month and not really gaining anything at all for the next. I wish I hardly gained anything, but I know it was for the good of my baby. I thought I was so fat!! I went from a size 1 to a size 10 in no time. Luckily, I've lost almost everything. Just 15 lbs to go. Congrats on your pregnancy! It's a beautiful thing, being pregnant.
  7. I agree. Too much attention is made to "gain this much but not this much!" You have all the time in the world to lose it afterwards. Unless you have Gestational Diabetes what you weigh isn't an issue. My doctors were always fine with whatever I gained as long as I was gaining.
  8. I had a 7 lb WEEK once, LOL!!! It was all fluid, but I was so embarassed. I gained 45lbs during my pregnancy and lost oll of it by the 5 month mark. Don't worry...just eat healthy and grow that baby!