The Moment Happened!!

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  1. Conversation between me and the BF:

    Me(12:22:13 AM): you know that madeline bag i want
    BF(12:22:18 AM): [SIZE=-0]yep[/SIZE]
    Me(12:22:23 AM): i think i want the tan
    BF(12:22:35 AM): [SIZE=-0]oh yeah[/SIZE]
    Me(12:22:39 AM): yeah
    BF(12:22:41 AM): [SIZE=-0]the buckskin right?[/SIZE]
    Me(12:22:45 AM): baby!
    Me(12:22:47 AM): good job!!!!
    Me(12:22:53 AM): i'm so proud of you right now!!!!!!!!!!!
    BF(12:22:55 AM)::smile: [SIZE=-0][​IMG][/SIZE]
    Me(12:23:01 AM): you have no idea
    Me(12:23:09 AM): i'm making a thread about this moment on tPF
    BF(12:23:34 AM): [SIZE=-0]lol

    I knew he'd catch along one of these days:yahoo: haha maybe him and I can go fake spotting together! I just had to tell lol.
  2. OMG!!! that is so freaking cute!!!
  3. Hilarious! I saw buckskin today in Macy's and it's a lovely color! I knew my geranium was already home sitting on my bed waiting for me so I passed up the buckskin! If I would have hated geranium though, buckskin would have been next in line!
  4. Lol, the decesion was actually between Geranium and Buckskin! I think I'll get the Geranium as a reward to myself when I do something good or lose weight or something lol.
  5. Wow!!! I wish my fiance new the colors! Thats s cute!
  6. You know what, my DH has sprung things like that on me before! Isn't that so awesome!!!

    You have a great BF...keep teachin' him!!!
  7. haha that's so cute. i had a silimar convo. like that with my husband. He said the bags name and everything and refers the brown to chocolate and etc. I should make a thread about it too! hehe.
  8. You guys are so cute !!!!!!!!! :p
  9. LOL! That is awesome! I love it when I catch my boyfriend starting to catch on to Coach "lingo"
  10. that is adorable... is he reading this???
  11. Awwww!!! Your BF is awesome! I was laying in bed last night and my BF is just starting to realize my love for Coach, and well he looked at my mac screen and saw that I was on tPF and he just laughed at me and told me I was silly.
  12. aw... its cute that he listens! so are you getting it now?
  13. Ahh fake spotting with the boyfriend is one of the best things. I think it has really bond us!!
  14. lol too cute!
  15. Hopefully for either V day or my birthday (which is in August...but he'll probably have to save a little for it lol)