The mom on Leave it to Beaver passed away

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  1. One of the few shows my parents used to let us watch when I was a kid. RIP :sad:
  2. So sad.
  3. Yes, I loved "LITB" and Barbara Billingsley was one of my fave TV moms. I think she passed away sometime on Saturday at the age of 94. She had a long life. May she rest in peace.

    **Anybody else who watched this show...The moment I saw Sean Payton, the coach of the NO Saints, I noticed he looks so much like Beaver's friend Gilbert.
  4. I saw this in the paper this morning.....I used to watch the reruns everyday after school....OMG we LOVED that show!!! So sad....
  5. OMG! Barbara Billingsly? I loved her. So sad.
  6. I loved her. She had style on LITB.