The Molly Colorblock Reveal!!!

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  1. The title says it all! Here's Molly in Fuchsia Colorblock. I love the style, but I'll wait on the camel colorblock, I wanted the Mahogany part to be black honestly.
    image-3993292841.jpg image-1600672624.jpg image-3723961228.jpg image-2092610403.jpg image-2525081751.jpg image-2675608112.jpg image-1550142237.jpg
  2. That's pretty! Any mod pics?
  3. OMG! Beautiful!!! Can't wait for mine to arrive. It still is showing in the warehouse. Hopefully will ship tomorrow.
  4. Here they are
    image-3021645294.jpg image-2505187597.jpg
  5. Really pretty! I understand what you mean about the mahogany though. I used to have a navy siggy purse that had mahogany leather trim. I didn't really understand the color combo, but apparently it is something that Coach uses a lot.
  6. And here she is compared to Kristin BS, for size reference.
  7. She's pretty! Love the fuchsia! Makes my black one look boring. ;) Do you know what other colors she's available in? When I ordered they only said cherry, and cognac and fuchsia. I would love it in a purple!
  8. Very pretty!! I would want a different color combo for myself, but I have to say this is really eye catching.
  9. Love those colours!!!! Congrats!
  10. I think ill be getting this!
  11. I love it! Too bad it doesn't have black on it. But mahogany is very nice too!
  12. There are several colors in the non-colorblock version.
  13. I'm loving this bag!!!! Do u think this could replace my Fush Maggie??
  14. Wow, I like it much more than I thought I would!
  15. it's really beautiful! I think I might want one in ultraviolet :biggrin: