The model with NO belly button...

  1. I think someone went a little airbrush happy and forgot the belly button! Oops! :wtf:

    I watch Hef's show on E sometimes and well...they make him look sooo picky and like he approves everything..I cannot believe that was missed! LOL.

  2. Just proves that playboy airbrushes EVERYTHING.
  3. LOL:roflmfao:
  4. Now that's funny.:lol:
  5. :weird:
  6. Oh for pete's sake! LOL.
  7. LOL that's actually pretty funny...

    Also reminds me of a mall kiosk ad I've seen for the "Kyle XY" tv show where he's posing and pulls his shirt up to expose his stomach and there's no belly button.. totally photoshopped and is suppose to be some kind of premise for the whole show.
  8. lol! How could they not notice this?!
  9. "fake pictures"? As in, retouched?
    Anyways, haha!
  10. That's so creepy looking!
  11. Lol, how can anyone miss that! Goes to show that no one is perfect!
  12. Lol. Stupid.. ;o
  13. ewww !!! creepy
    now i know the belly button is sexy
  14. all I have to say is....

  15. :wtf:Yuk. I looks really bad. Not strange they got complaints, but how come they didn't think the photos were photoshopped? THat's just.. stupidly naive.