The MK Logo Lock

  1. Lately the little logo lock has been kind of bugging me..

    I have a Knox satchel which has the lock, and I go back and forth on getting a Hamilton which obviously has one too. It's not like a charm that can be removed,'s clearly supposed to be there but I'm just not a fan of it anymore for some reason. I'd really prefer a simple nameplate.

    How do you guys feel about them? Like them/love them/indifferent?
  2. I love them and feel they really add to the brand of MK as well as the design. If you want the plate you can always look at the Jet set collection or a few other lines from MK
  3. depends on the style, to me, hamilton's lock just adds something wonderful to the bag
  4. The factory Hamilton's only have the nameplate - no lock - that might be an option for you. And they come in a great size that's in between the medium and large that are carried in the other stores.

    I still like the lock on the Hamilton, but not so much other bags. It's the Hamilton in general I think I'm getting tired of - much like I did with the Sabrina and then the Sophia with Coach.
  5. Is the lock removable? If so what abt adding something else like the ladies so on their Hermes bags?

    I have to say I like the fp Hamilton for that reason compared to the outlet model.

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    Thank you all for your replies. I will check the outlet once again just to make sure I really consider the Hamilton. Does anyone have an outlet Hamilton pic to add to this post?

    Thanks ladies!!

    EDIT: Funny, i thought this was my post about! I did just this post a few days ago.
  7. The lock comes off with the little key in the leather tag. Be careful when opening it...some are a little hard to pop open.
    I personally like the look of the lock and haven't used the bag w/o it. The only thing I add to my bag is a Juicy charm, or a Coach fob. I usually hang that on the handle's ring.
    I'm not a fan of the outlet nameplate either.