The MJ bag in Devil Wears Prada...NEED HELP!

  1. Ladies, I have a dilemma. While we have figured out that the Marc Jacobs bag featured in The Devil Wears Prada (scene where Andie gives the bag to her friend at dinner after Miranda turned it down) is the large Multi-Pocket, I cannot figure out which shade of blue it is! If you have seen the movie, please weigh in! MJ sent me a photo of a bag in "denim" (the satchel on the left) and the blueberry Multi-Pocket (right on first photo), and Maxie sent me a pic of her "denim" Multi-Pocket that does not look a thing like the satchel in the MJ pic. Can someone PLEASE tell me which of these colors is the bag shown in the movie??? :huh: :blink:

    Note: the denim has silver hardware, while the blueberry has brass hardware, and the blueberry also has white trim around the edges of the leather. I can't recall these details from the movie, so if anyone knows I would appreciate it! :flowers:
    MJ colors resized.jpg denim_multi_2 resized.jpg
  2. the one on the right... the one that is by itself.. that is the bag... gosh, hmmmmmmm, i better see the movie again... hehe
  3. I'm 110% sure that it's the bag on the right! That shade of blue was so unique that it practically engrained in my brain!
  4. i distinctily remember the bag in the movie had brass hardware b/c i remember thinking the hardware would have looked better in silver on the blue. (cooltones with cooltones)

    i'm almost positive it's blueberry and i'm pretty sure that's the consensus they came to in the general discussion thread too.
  5. I just remember it had brass hardware.:yes:::love: :yes:
  6. I thought it was silver:blink: Maybe I need to go see the movie again!:smile:

    PS. LOVE that bag!!
  7. Its defintely the BLUEBERRY with Gold hardware. I have personally seen it on Bloomingdales website.
  8. Ha everyone here is split on the hardware. Selena, you have said blueberry from the very beginning...that's the one I (tentatively) ordered! I just was not sure about that white edging stuff. Have you seen the bag in person and, if so, does that white look weird? If the bag in the movie had brass hardware, that's okay...I just want THAT bag! It looked amazing! Thanks everybody...keep the opinions coming!
  9. I love both bags but would say it was the color of the bag on the right! Good luck!
  10. Oops forgot to vote.. I say it's the one on the right too ;)
  11. I have no idea which bag it was ET, but just had to say that they are BOTH GORGEOUS! Seriously, its making me want to go out and get one!
  12. I have no doubts about the hardware. Its gold for sure. I remember as I had my eyes on that bag the entire scene as I own it. I even caught that she was wrong on the retail price on.
    Its gold.
  13. Selena, you are right! I went back and watched it again (just for this stupid bag!) and the hardware is gold. But the SA at Marc Jacobs says MJ ordered BOTH of the blue colors in gold hardware, whereas Saks and Bloomies ordered the denim in silver hardware! So she is sending both bags to me and I will pick the color I like (in the gold hardware) and send one back. I will post them side by side when they arrive! I didn't notice any white edging this time around, and the stitching seemed lighter than the leather, but the shots did not show the bag where I needed to look, so it was really hard to tell. I think seeing the bags side by side in person will make it a lot easier to choose between them! Thanks! You know your stuff! :flowers:
  14. Okay...the blueberry arrived today. It is a LOT darker than in the pics above, and a bit darker than it shows up in mine. Denim arrives tomorrow and I will start a new "comparison" thread.
    BlueberryMJinside.jpg BlueberryMJoutsidefront.jpg BlueberryMJoutsideside.jpg
  15. Wow, that's a nice shade of blue. I saw the movie too, and I think it was the lighter shade of blue? But you would know more since you saw the movie twice! :smile: When I saw that scene I loved that bag and I wanted one but too pricey, $1900 (unless they made that part up!)