THE MJ Authenticating Expert

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  1. So I just recently bought my first MJ bag (lovely black could I go wrong?), and was so happy to hear opinions from y'all here at tPF that it is indeed authentic. HOWEVER, I needed to get the OK from the REAL expert before feeling truly safe... here is my daughter (Accessories Expert, Extraordinaire), authenticating my new Stam......looking at the hardware...checking the nameplate...scrutinizing the zipper...eyeballing the lining...ummm...double-checking my wallet (?!?!)...taking off with my bag!!! Stop, thief!;)
    expert1.jpg expert2.jpg expert3.jpg expert5.jpg expert6.jpg
  2. Oh my goodness! Too cute. She is adorable and obviously gets her great taste in bags from Mommie! She'll definitely have that Stam one day. Enjoy it while you can! :p
  3. It's so true! She'll be hauling that beautiful bag to school one day, saying "Look at this quaint vintage Marc Jacobs!" At least I can call it my own as long as I can physically wrench it from her grabby little paws...
  4. Oh - how precious! A future fashionista in training!
  5. she's beautiful...just like your stam!!
  6. Adorable!! Your daughter, I mean!!

    I saw a woman carrying a stam today at the MBMJ boutique, and it really made her look stunning. It will definitely do the same for you and your daughter!!
  7. aww i think she is thinking these things...

    annother bag? how may does mommy have?

    i wonder how much this cost?


    how does mommy carry this thing? so heavy!


    very cute baby
  8. thats too sweet :smile:
  9. hehehe you can never start too early, what a cutie
  10. OMG...those pics are the best I've seen today!!!! So sweet!!!! You're DD is a DOLL!!!!!! :p
  11. AWW! she is TOO cute!! just wait till she gets old enough to tell you she needs a new pocket book too!

    My little girl is 2 and every time a box comes in the mail she says' OH mommy, you got a new pocketbook?" its soo funny...*as long as my husband isn't home!! :sweatdrop:;)
  12. HAHA!Too adorable!!!!
  13. Awwww, she's sooooo cute! I love little kids! Her red hair is so adorable. She's probably thinking, "I have the coolest mom ever! None of the other kids get to play with MJ!"
  14. PS....I see a future PF mod...heehee
  15. Y'all are so sweet to comment! Just wait...give her 2 years and she'll be on this forum (member ID sugarbaby06), complaining "My allowance barely gives me enough to buy new handbags at all, and would anyone like to donate to a poor, deprived toddler with great taste?" these days...:rolleyes: