The MIU MIU *BOW* SATCHEL problems & issues.

  1. i just got my bow a few days ago and there is a spot of glazed leather that rubbed off im a bit upset because it came that way i didn't bother returning it because im afraid that ill send it back and get one with a worse defect

    i also noticed that one handle is a bit shorter than the other

    its sad to pay so much for a bag and have it not be perfect

    i still love it tho =/
  2. aww annaversary, your bow is all cracked :sad: i would think that miu miu would be great quality that it wouldnt do this!! wish i could afford a miu miu but not for a couple more years!!
  3. i'm new to the forum and have been eyeing the bow bag in black for a long time!

    where is the best place to get a good deal for the bow bag?
  4. i have just got a mini bow a few weeks ago
    and have just noticed that it has a load of scratches on it
    is there any way to get rid of these?
  5. For calf leather that the bags are made from are distressed leather. It's not that the quality of Miu Miu's bags are not up to standard. The bag was suppose to portray a very vintage/worn out look which explained for the distressed crease lines. Calf leather like any other leather, when you hit it and brush against with something hard on the surface, it will scratch. Leather is like human skin. u scratch hard, you'll see a line there. No bags are perfect on the surface leather. Unless it's Hermes, that you'll need to wait for at least a couple of years, because their QC is superbly high. However, designer houses like Gucci, Prada, Miu Miu where their IT bags are so hot in demand, you can't really reject every piece just because it has a black ink mark or slight scratch. Miu Miu took a risk to produce leathers that are dyed in different colours, despite this problem, which explained why Miu Miu bag's are very easy to identify. You can hardly count up to 5 houses who do bright/pale colors, because they're afraid...not because their quality is any higher than MM...

    When you buy the bag, it is naturally the customers' responsible to take care of it. Not the company which produced the bags. U can bring it to Le'Shine or other professional bag cleaning shops in Far East Plaza, but no guarantee.

    Last word.... Please admit to Wear & Tear. You can't preserve anything as its original form no matter how hard you try...Even a 30K Hermes can have stitching repair. Basically, any bags purchased within 6 months are covered under warranty - stitching, handle broke off etc. except leather...
  6. ^ good to know, Secretguy. Thank you so much for explaining!
  7. scratches on all my bags disappear when I rub in Apple leather moisturizer lotion (not cleaner), magically gone

  8. you are right about leather and risks...that is why I ADORE Miu Miu older buffalo vintage bags, they are superbly made. Nappa bags, suede bow, all those are superb quality, but newest ones have problems, I managed to return and sell all my new bags. YSL too, older bags have all details superb, amazing, but newer bags less and less..with experiments with leathers come problems, the most expensive newest Muse II have issues, just like newest Miu I see a trend? At least for me, models 2007 and older are amazing, both Miu Miu and YSL. I will wait to see which new one will remain as classic.
  9. You are right. The seasonal bags doesn't have much repair issue. Because the displayed ones are so disappointing. You see traces of used and carried by many other customers, you wouldn't want to buy it. Deer skin are the most hardest to maintain imo. Scratches all over, which put customers off. The gold buckle will have a circle ring trace after customers turn round and round. I guess its all about experimenting. When it got the right design, it'll naturally fall into the Classic range after seasons...
  10. Can i ask if MM bow in light coloured leather such as nube.. are they easily 'stained'? From dyes from jeans? How do we clean them?
  11. I have a glazed mughetto bow and it does get colour transfer on if but i also find that it comes off really easily too - i don't clean it with anything it just seems to come off! I find it quite confusing but also a relief! :p
  12. I'm considering getting a mm baby bow but like the posters before me am worried about quality issues. This thread doesn't seem to have been updated in a while though so I was wondering if any of you bow users could let me know how your bags are lasting or if they still have the same quality issues mentioned in this thread? Thanks very much :smile:
  13. I'd definitely get a darker colour. I have a white (old season) bow and the stains are super visible. A mughetto wallet, where the colour came off almost immediately after I got it. My erica (pinkish purple colour) I treat like a baby and I treat it very carefully so it still looks like new. I also have a light grey satchel in deer skin and as secretguy mentioned already it is super sensitive :smile:
  14. My bow is a glazed talco one, so it's super light. The leather on the sides is creased and unfortunately I have a scratch on it, which isn't visible tough as the back is cream colored. I haven't sprayed anything on it yet, which I might try real soon.

    I never experienced color transfer from my jeans (at least not yet), even though I always wear it with jeans.

    I think that the bag is very sensitive, especially the leather, but nevertheless I love and enjoy it.
  15. Thank you both for getting back to me. I was planning on using the bag on a daily basis, so the fact that it sounds so sensitive isnt encouraging:sad: Although, I've heard back from somebody on the Mulberry forum who says that her bows have stood up to use very well.