The MIU MIU *BOW* SATCHEL problems & issues.

  1. of course they will!!!! you girls just really have to let your voice be heard! :woohoo:
  2. Mine arrived with a pen mark from Saks. I recieved a replacement and have been using it for 4 months, the leather on the trim is cracking :sad: I still use it but wont buy a replacement this year. I am thru with the MMBB.
  3. omg.. i really do want to owe a bow but after seeing the sealant cracks.. i'm not sure if i can live with it! somemore i'm contemplating of getting a light colour..

    does other brands have such problems or is it only miu miu?? i'm not exactly with how other brands sealed up the leathers tgr..
  4. Update on my alluminio - noticed some SLIGHT - but still evident - cracks in the sealant on the HANDLE! I really really hope those cracks don't get worse, they're not very noticeable at all now, but still. Also, a good thing is that several things have spilled on my bow and with some rubbing of a white napkin/towel and some water, the spots go away. The leather is still very soft and looks gorgeous in natural light, so I really can't part with it yet... though I have been considering. I just need to find a replacement bag!
  5. I HAVE THAT PROBLEM TOO! I noticed it after I got my bow from cleaning @ Saks. I have the cracks on the handles too. I think MIU MIU uses really CHEAP plastic sealant :cursing: Oh well, as you know, I :heart: my bow more than anything, I just couldn't part with her after how CLEAN she looked after her cleaning and having the fallen off M glued back, (I just hope it doesn't fall off again).

    Replacement bag? Try a REBECCA MINKOFF ;) I was there during my heartache with my bow.. lol!!
  6. So you kept it?! Woohoo! It's hard for me to part with it too, the leather and everything is so pretty, it's just so hard. I just wish they made the sealant better!!!

    Haha Rebecca Minkoff IS a lot cheaper... I think I need a replacement bag that can isn't so fragile like the bow! And by replacement I mean just an alternative, since I don't know yet if I can part with the bow.
  7. omg, that's horrible. i was lemming a bow for a long time and sorry to say, i'm glad i didn't get one. sorry to hear you're having problems!
  8. Ever since I noticed the Bow, I've been wanting one forever.
    But then stopped myself because of the many troubles it has, so during the lemming period I got myself a LV MC Speedy, LV Roxbury Drive, Chanel ivory with gold h/w bag.

    And now I am STILL thinking/dreaming about the BOW... but just cannot justify whether to spend that money on a bag that wont last.. SIGH
  9. Hi Anna, thank you very much on posting this thread. I like Miu Miu but have never owned one myself. Now that I am ready to buy one, I read this thread about the poor quality and problems of Miu Miu bags. My question is, are all Miu Miu bags tend to have sealant cracks or it is mostly on Bow bag only? Thanks.
  10. Hi hooooiling ;)

    So far the sealant cracks are ONLY with the bows. The bow is a very loved bag by many tPFers but it's also a huge quality issue... so you might want to be careful if you want a bow!

    As for other bags, NOPE, no problems, BUT the PRADA "FAIRY" bag did have some ink bleeding problem & you can search that up using the Search function :smile: HTH!
  11. I have a lot of tiny cracks on my bow now.. I think it's from everyday use!
  12. Oh Man, I don't know if I am going to keep my bow bag now, which I bought on Saturday. Problem is, I'm not sure the store do refunds.
  13. ^^Oh Tiree, what a shame! I know when I bought my Miu Miu from a shop in Bath they wouldn't refund which is why I sold it privately. But, listen, I used mine a lot and I didn't have any quality problems with it at all. The sealant didn't crack and I used mine virtually every day. It was the off white one and I was amazed at how well it held up.
    GL with your decision.
  14. I think that Bow bags will eventually get the sealant cracks. I think they way the bag is designs, with the flap over, that it is matter of time. If you look on the Chanel thread, someone posted a great place to repair Chanels. I would suggest looking for the contact info on this thread and perhaps taking your bow bags there and see what the expert recommends. A Miu Miu sales associate told me that they do not recommend conditioning bags. I wish that Miu Miu had as great of a repair department as Louis Vuitton.