The MIU MIU *BOW* SATCHEL problems & issues.

  1. Karen! If you love the bag, KEEP IT. If you don't, DON'T KEEP IT. Hhaha, but you've already quoted me on that.

    What color is your bow? If it's still an available color, I'd say give it up and get it for 200 smth dollars less!
  2. lol, i like it and it is an available color (amarena) since its the summer/fall colors but i jus dont think 1270 is reasonable for a bag that will cause problems soon after u use it when u can get it for less..besdies im not in a hurry to use it, ill jus stick with my bbag for now..=( thx for ur advice annaversary!!
  3. Gosh it makes me so sad :sad:to see your baby bow look like she has been thru a battle. You went thru so much to get your perfect bow and now to have this happen I know how frustrating it must be and I hope you get some resolve soon. I have the Sughero bow and so far (fingers crossed) no problems.
    I absolutely love my bag and to me the the perfect bag (for me at least) so much so I sold 2 other bags so I can get another Bow in a dark color. I have been eyeing the Graphite one for awhile, but will have to see when fall rolls around or a SA calls with new bow colors etc.
    Will keep checking on my Sughero for problems/issues and report to fellow bow owners.
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    wow it's scary how there are so many damages on your bow.

    i've had my black bow for 4 months now, and while i don't use it every day, it's still in perfect condition. i'd be pretty devastated if it started getting cracks and letters falling off. for such an expensive bag, that's just ridiculous.
  5. I really am debating wether or not to keep my bow after it's being "restored" or to sell it and getting myself a Coffer..

    I think all these problems and issues and troubles I've been through with the bow is making me FALL OUT OF LOVE with it.
  6. Hi Annaversary,

    Hope you are feeling a bit better!

    I think if you could sell your bow for a reasonable price, why not? How much will you be happy to sell it for?

    Really sorry as I did not follow all the previous posts, did you contact miu miu and get the 'M' fixed? Best to get it fixed first or you won't be able to sell it without the 'M' on the bag.

    I really think Coffer is a beautiful bag, once you get rid of the Bow, a coffer would be a fresh start for you.

    Keep us posted! x
  7. wow i almost cannot believe you are converting to coffer!
  8. OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! I'm planning on getting the Amarena... are these problems VERY common with bow bags??? why is this happening???
  9. I never thought so either :shame: But when I TOUCHED the handles of those Coffers ... oh my goodnesss......... heaven!:heart:
  10. that is one incredibly gorgeous bag.
    im getting my in about 2 weeks time!:smile:
  11. What color are you getting emmaamme :graucho:?
  12. oh my god!! annaversary!! your bow looks so beat up!! how is this possible??!

  13. COVERT and CONVERT!!!!!! DH loves my black coffer cos' it's so soft and smooshy. Even better than a baby's bottom.
  14. annaversary- I have the same exact sealant cracks on mine! I got the color nudo from last fall. I tried to condition and baby it, but DH says it's actually plastic so using a leather conditioner would be pointless. Paying so much money for this,only to have such a shoddy quality is quite painful! And I usually don't pay full price for things.
  15. I own a mughetto bow and so far, I've not experienced any sealant cracks, but then again, I don't use her so much (for fear of damaging her). I just angers me that a bag this expensive is very poorly made. So, I've been looking for contact information for the Miu Miu company to complain about these quality issues (cracks, lettering falling off, etc). This am, I found this:

    Prada Usa Corp (Miu Miu)
    609 W 51st St, New York, NY 10019-5008, United States (Map)
    Phone: (212) 307-9300

    Maybe if TPF bow owners write letters of complaint to them, they would finally address these quality issues with the bow (w/c I love so much!)