The Mission Of The Forum

  1. I hope I'm posting this in the right spot. If not, please feel free to move it. I thought that we might benefit from a discussion on the forum of the extent to which commercial promotion works against the mission of the forum. Or maybe most members think this is just fine. I've been accused of being catty for responding to a post that read to me like crass promotion. It's not a question of cattiness. I feel the forum shouldn't be hijacked to cynical commercialism. But that's just me. Maybe some of you feel otherwise. Right now, someone's hyping a site in Deals and Steals which purportedly sells fakes. Is there a way we can control this? I think it tends to happen when people who have been here a month or less post and then I question their motives. Has they joined just to promote fake stuff or even real stuff, but they've joined with no other purpose? I like hearing about the legitimate sales in this section of the forum and always check it, but hate feeling manipulated. What do the rest of you think?
  2. I'm with you. There's another member here shamelessly pushing a Website that may or may not sell all authentic goods. Argh.
  3. I agree. Also, I don't think it's appropriate to post ebay listings in the "Deals & Steals" section. Granted, members want each other to get in on a good auction (and great deals) I don't think it's appropriate to post listing after listing -plus you don't know if the person lisiting it is self-promoting their own items.

    I, for one, like to come to this section to see which legit (e.g. Saks, NM, other boutiques) places are having good sales or for online coupons from department store/reputable online sellers (e.g. eluxury).

    That's just my 2 cents..:smile:
  4. You guys just need to PM a Mod or Admin or click the little red triangle to "Report Post" if you see something that's fishy/offensive.
    We DO NOT allow any self-promotion or advertising here on our Forums.
    Once in a while if it's a contributing long-time member we may let something low key slide, but otherwise, nope!

    Personally though, if someone saw an eBay auction for a 100% authentic item that's a 'Steal' I see no harm in posting it in 'Steals and Deals', but NO ONE should ever be posting links to their own auctions here. Megs and Vlad made that clear when the Marketplace was closed.
  5. Also meant to say, we can not possibly read every post/thread here, PLEASE, we depend on y'alls help, report something that is questionable, it's NO bother!
  6. Swanky, how do we report? PM you or another mod? I don't see a "Report post" button anywhere. Thanks.
  7. Look under my photo, there's a little red triangle between the dot and the computer. If you put you mouse over it and 'hover' it'll say 'Report Bad Post'. Or you can PM any one of us, either way is just fine ;)
  8. Oh! I never knew what the meant (or even what the blue thing was). Now I see. Thanks!
  9. don't you love learning something new!?
    I do!
  10. I agree about now listing websites that sell fakes but I DO like it and APPRECIATE it when people tell me there is an AUTHENTIC ebay deal out there. I am still new with the designer stuff so if someone can lead me to one, I am all for it! :smile: Some of us cannot afford to buy it off of eluxury and at retail prices so any help is appreciated!
  11. I do understand what you mean, s-e, but I'm not sure what the answer would be. You know, it seems to me that we police ourselves pretty well in this area. There are many members here who really help out in matters of authentication, be it authenticating an auction, or recommending a website, or what have you. And it's pretty easy to see what else the member has posted to guage the validity of the response. On an open forum, I don't think there's an easy or a better way to regulate that.
  12. I love this forum ever since I joined, but I feel like all issues are pointing towards new members. I realize that there are people who saw this forum as an opportunity to promote their business, sell fakes in the MP, etc...But the majority of us new or old, still have the same passion about purses.