The mirror!!

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  1. I've just received my first balenciaga for my birthday. I absolutely love it, but what do you do with the mirror? Just let it dangle, but I don't like that very much or do you much take it off. I'm just getting aquianted with the site--I love what you guys have in here.
  2. I just keep the mirror in the front pocket...usually the bags come with the mirror already in the front pocket.
  3. I'm an idiot and I forgot to take out the mirror once when I shoved everything into my Balenciaga and I cracked it. hah. :sad:

    Take care of your mirror!
  4. I take the mirror out of the bag and keep it in the dustbag along with the tags and extra tassels.
  5. ^^ ditto
  6. I do it also this way, i am sure it wil break otherwise.

    Hugs FX:heart:
  7. I usually keep it in the inside pocket - but with Day bags, I let it hang inside, so I can easily reach in and feel around for it when I need to quickly and discreetly make sure that there is nothing smeared/stuck on my face :blush:
  8. i usually take them out and leave it in the dust bag for my city bags. i keep the mirror inside the interior pockets for my day bag.
  9. City - put it in front pocket
    Day - let it hang inside
    Work - took it off and stored it in dustbag, it was awkward anywhere I tried to keep it in the bag
  10. I decided to just take it off. It got annoying to always zip it one way.
    Thanks for the advice! I should have mentioned I have the medium City--probably the most popular one.