the miroir lockits...

  1. i know tons on this forum are awaiting the miroir lockits in july and for anyone who's looking for one or afraid they might not get one, try calling the 57th street store in nyc. my SA called me yesterday offering one to me (no, they don't have them yet, i think they're just anticipating getting more than they thought) so if anyone is looking for one, i would give them a call and ask!!!! i wanted to say yes, gimme, i want, lol but right now funds don't allow me :sad:
  2. I know how you feel, the managers at two stores offered to put me on the list at another store for one (I'm assuming the list is quite short, hence their offer) but I have no $1770 CAD to spare right now.
  3. hmm... I'm probably gonna give up my 1st place position at Toronto.......... it's just my back up in case Montreal doesn't receive them which is an unlikely event.... so there you go everyone another opening :biggrin:
  4. Great info ladies thanks! I am really surprised by this, anyone else?
  5. I don't think i will have the chance tbh i'm not near the top of the waitlist and my boutique is really small but i heard alot of people are on it. But good luck everyone wanting to get one!
  6. I didn't even waitlist so I have no idea what my store will get in. I've got my Speedies and Pochette so I'm content.
    Thanks for the info!
  7. can't decide if I want one or not. would be so cool if it came in pink.
  8. ^^^^

    OMG pink would be divine, my daughter would be number 1 on every waiting list LOL
  9. Pink, drool is now pouring all over my keyboard! A girl can dream! LOL!
  10. Melbourne is only getting 1 or 2 in, although the manager is pushing hard for more, the waitlist is super long, and they are giving priority to those who didn't manage to get the miroir the first time. But we shall see...