the Miroir Alma is hideous...

  1. I think it´s gorgeous. And we have seen it before so no surprises there.
  2. I've seen it before too, but now I think it's hideous.
  3. I agree - I love it :love:
  4. You can't tell from these pictures...reserving judgement until I see it IRL.
  5. The miroir range is something that I'd probably have to see IRL before I can pass a definite the moment, I'm liking the gold papillon and silver speedy...not a big fan of the alma in the 1st place...but that's all just based on pix and JMO:shrugs:
  6. I still want to see the silver speedy..we'll see!
    I guess if you like the gold don't take a picture with the flash on!
  7. I can't wait to see this range IRL:yahoo: Not long now to wait:wlae:
  8. I love it!
  9. Don't care for that handbag. As I was checking out the rest of the page I come across this. A little misleading IMO. Sorry the only recommended sellers for Louis Vuitton handbags are Louis Vuitton and Eluxury. The rest are Re-Sellers..:flowers:

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    * authenticbagsforyou
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  10. I wish it were the regular Alma, not the Voyage but oh well, I like the Speedy better anyway.
  11. It's GORGEOUS...
  12. it looks like it can blind someone :wtf:
  13. yea really HAHA:drool:
  14. this bag is just not me. id feel like a wlking disco ball carrying that thing. I know other love it but to me its :throwup: