The "miranda" bag..

  1. Hi everyone. I am newish to posting and enjoy collecting lots of bags (mostly LV and Gucci). I absolutely adore the miranda bag, and saw some at SFA over xmas on sale. Foolishly, I did not get one..thinking that they would be at the woodbury common outlet soon. Is this a new bag? I still see it listed on the coach website for full price so I do not know why SFA had it on sale. Do you think it will ever get to the outlet? Thank you!
  2. HI-

    What is SFA?

    IMO they will not end up at an outlet unless it is a return.

  3. Saks fifth avenue
  4. ITA. I would doubt these will end up at an outlet unless it's a return, just like the Lily's. I have this bag in Bordeaux. If you have a chance to get it, at any price, especially a sale, I highly recommend it!
  5. I did see one at the outlet back in (maybe) late was returned, and it was not marked down by much (like -$20.00)
  6. I believe that some SFA's still have them on sale, you should see if a store could possibly locate one for you.
  7. Really, what was the sale price?? Maybe I will get one!

    luvmysheps22: thanks for letting me know what SFA was.
  10. I might just call Saks..thanks, everyone.
  11. Oooh, I love the Miranda - but I didn't realize Saks carried Coach. Which SFA did you visit?