The Miracle of Black Forest UnCake - I Can't Believe It's Not A Real People Dessert

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  1. Ingredients

    1 cupdoodle thing Jello Chocolate Temptations Mousse**

    1-2 glops of Cool Whip***

    1 generous glop Comstock "No Sugar Added" Cherry Pie Filling****


    Black Forest UnCake can be every bit as fancy as your made from scratch, hand-torched creme brulee - or every bit as un-fancy as things dumped on a paper plate, so your first step is deciding in what and how you want to serve it.

    You can stack it of those ring mold things and put it in the freezer for just a minute so it stays stacked when you pull the mold off.

    You can make a de-constructed version of side-by-side smears on your biggest gold charger plate.

    Or, you can do middle of the road and layer it like parfait in pretty much any reasonably wide-mouthed vessel that happens to be clean at the moment.

    And you can stack or layer it in any order you like.

    The super-casual method I usually employ starts with making a little puddle of cherry pie filling in a disposable soup bowl.

    Pull the foil off the cupdoodle of Jello Chocolate Temptations Mousse (it comes in dark or slightly less dark, use either) and run a knife around the sides so that the mousse dumps out nicely in one flat-topped lump in the middle of the cherry puddle.

    Channel your inner Cake Boss and frost the entire lump of mousse with Cool Whip.

    There you go!

    The 3 ingredients and your imagination are the only limits.

    You can garnish with little slivers of unsweetened or 85% chocolate - or just sprinkle it with cocoa powder, put a cherry on top, drip cherry juice down the sides of the Cool Whip -

    For special occasions, you can make one big huge one in a big huge dish, pour some cherry juice into a zip-lock bag, zip it up tight, cut off a corner, and write on the top of the Cool Whip.

    The point is that it does not taste like a diet dessert, or a faux dessert, which means that you can serve it to people who are not on diets and they will be just as happy as if you had made them bananas foster or something, and after they have gone home, you can go eat another one - even two - and still consume less sugar and less calories than you would if you had even one bite of cake, or ice cream - or bananas foster!

    **If I were to shove a spoonful of this stuff into your mouth, and tell you it is sugar-free and has 60 calories per little cupdoodle, you would, depending on your personality, reproach me with sad, disappointed puppy eyes, or read me for trash for insulting you with such an obvious lie.

    ***Even in its original flavor, Cool-Whip has little or no bad stuff in it, which means you might as well get the original flavor, because it tastes better than the others, one of which, if memory serves me, has exactly the same amount of at least some of the bad stuff.

    ****The "No Sugar Added" version has 4 grams of sugar and 35 calories a serving, and tastes exactly like their regular version, which has more of both.
  2. I'm not sure which is better, the recipe or the description! :P Sounds delish & I can't wait to try it!
  3. I love, love, love black forest cake...or anything with chocolate and cherries...and this low calorie faux version I simply have to try! Thanks Shimma, I'll post back and let you know if I like it .... (ha ha! as if I wouldn't!!)
  4. I wonder what an UnCake is as opposed to a cake?