The Minkette Weight Loss/Increased Health Support Group Thread!

  1. Hi, all! I was off work yesterday and was in major housecleaning/reorganizing mode. Did you know that just a few hours of housecleaning can burn over 400 calories?? Which is probably a good thing, since my eating wasn't at its best yesterday.

    Today - started with a 3 mile walk and upper body strength training. Was feeling a little blah/nauseous, so just had a couple of pieces of wheat toast with a schmear of reduced fat cream cheese for breakfast, along with some coffee. Thinking I may do split pea soup for lunch since I forgot to pack this morning (thank goodness I keep back up options in my desk drawer!). Not sure what's on tap for dinner - going grocery shopping, so perhaps a stop at the big old salad bar.

    Hope everyone has a great day!!
  2. welcome, beagly!

    Housecleaning burns over 400 calories? What a nice motivation to clean the house now! :p
  3. Good morning! Started off the day with my 5-mile Walk Away the Pounds workout - I'm really feeling it in the muscles of my legs, so that's a good sign!

    For breakfast today, instead of doing a pre-packaged breakfast sandwich, I made my own. Multigrain Fiber One english muffin, two slices of canadian bacon, and one egg fried in Butter flavored Pam. Grand total of 220 calories and quick and easy to make - woo hoo!

    Packed my lunch today - hummus and pretzel chips, carrots, and greek yogurt with pineapple. Then, some dried apple chips for a snack this afternoon.

    Dinner tonight will be whole grain pasta with crushed tomatoes and some 90/10 lean ground beef. As a treat for dessert - a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich.

    Hope everyone is doing well - and have a great day!! :woohoo:
  4. Good morning ladies!

    Still no real workout other than going out for walks and as eehlers pointed out, housework.

    This morning I'm having greek yogurt w/blackberries.

    Brought lunch (last nights leftovers) whole grain spaghetti. And some fruit.

    Dinner... not sure yet, but may have some soft tacos.
  5. Hi, all -

    Skipped my workout this morning for a little extra shut-eye. Had an egg fried in Butter Pam and a whole grain english muffin with a little Brummel & Brown for breakfast, along with my standard cup of Joe with soy milk.

    Lunch was greek yogurt with mango, roasted red pepper hummus with pretzel chips and baby carrots. Afternoon snack is dried asian pear chips.

    Dinner is soft tacos with refried beans, lean ground beef, and fajita style veggies in whole grain tortillas. Probably a side salad, too.

    After dinner, I'll be hitting the exercise bike while watching reruns of Big Bang Theory.

    I'm really looking forward to the Olympic opening ceremonies tomorrow night and two weeks of the Games - there's nothing like seeing athletes in top physical form to motivate me to get moving!! :woohoo:

    I also ordered some new Walk Away the Pounds DVDs yesterday, which should arrive on Monday - I love the WATP workouts, but the same old banter every day is getting old, so it's time to infuse the collection with some fresh work outs!
  6. Hi everyone! I'm still doing well with eating. Myfitnesspal is amazing. I have not been running, but I've been moving a lot of boxes/moving lots of things around the house, which turns out burns a good amount of calories. My scale is out for delivery today, so I'm excited that I'll finally have a concrete goal in mind and will be able to track my progress.
  7. I loved reading this thread and learning more about some of the Minkettes I've seen on the forum for years. You guys are a great support for one another and hat's off to AJ for starting this thread!
  8. So I haven't been a good minkie... in fact, I am doing a but of reverse psychology here. Bought myself a new bag before losing weight. Oops!


    But come on... it's resort black Nikki!! Now I just need to really force myself to start at least doing Pilates daily or something
  9. hi magjes!!

    at least you have good taste in bags! resort black is something special.

    well, i got my scale yesterday and i'm 5 lbs or so heavier than i thought i was...ugh. so i've gained about 16-20 lbs over the past couple of years and am back up to around what i was before i got in shape/started running a lot about 4 years ago. it's a good kick in the pants though to see the numbers on the scale. i'm going to set my goal weight loss to 21 lbs. after i get to that point, i may reevaluate and try for 5 or so more.
  10. Sounds like myfitnesspal does wonders! I need to check it out!

    Another pound lost this week and holding steady, folks! I need to lose another 7 and I'll be content. My trouble spots, aka the first places I gain and lose are my stomach, back, and arms, ugh! The good thing about being top-heavy is there is ample boobage, but the aforementioned, blah. I hate sit-ups, pushups, and pullups, but these will have to be done to melt or at least tone these trouble spots.

    What did I eat today, this week? Well, I've had an absence of appetite so really stuck to my usual one veggie and one fruit for lunch and anything for dinner, and this really made the difference in losing/maintaining. I need to drink more water though. I didn't get to walk much this week.... The week was cray-cray. All in all though, I feel healthy mentally and physically. These two seem to go hand in hand with me, so I will stick to it!

    Peace out, minkettes! Hope you're all having a wonderful day!
  11. I'm very confused and upset right now. I just did my weigh in and I have a gain of 0.2 pounds. That makes no sense to me at all. With my eating and exercise this week, I figured I'd at least be down a pound. It's really discouraging to be doing the right things and have the scale move in the wrong direction. I could cry.
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    Oh no, don't be upset, eehlers! All that hardcore walking you're doing (you said so yourself "...could feel the muscles in my legs..."), you're gaining a lot of muscle and as you know, muscle weighs more than fat... I think your body is going through an adjustment, that's all. Don't give up!
  13. My story
    Let's see I was never what you'd call in shape, always a kind of chubby kid. I'm plus sized, the highest weight I've ever been. I eat fast food too much and I drink entirely too much soda. I'm a picky eater, and I have a lot of trouble sticking with any exercise or eating plan
  14. Thanks, C4H! I feel better now. That post was right after I weighed in and I was just so disappointed. Today is a new day and a new start. I'm going to re-evaluate what I'm eating, take in more water and see how things go. I also bought a new scale as the one I have is a finicky thing that has always been hit or miss in whether or not it wants to work. I figure this just gives me a opportunity to have a bigger loss next week!! Thanks for the support - I probably also have some water retention in my muscles from my workouts, too, which may be impacting things. It'll all be fine! ;)
  15. Ladies, sounds like everyone is doing great! E, C4H is totally right: muscle weighs more than fat and you've been doing an INCREDIBLE job of keeping on top of your diet and workout routine- you are amazing!

    I'm still visiting family and friends in Washington- it's actually been a stressful trip and things between my mother and I are a bit fraught right now, but we'll be driving back to Berkeley together on Weds. and I'm really looking forward to being back on my home turf, with a little more control over my time and environment (not to mention access to my home gym!). I've been not-great-not-terrible about diet and exercise while I've been gone- nothing I'm terribly devastated or ashamed of, but certainly not advancing the cause much. Looking forward to getting back to regular posting on this thread and a closer read of what everyone else has been up to- hope it's been a happy week for everyone:smooch:!