the mini skinny group

  1. you go girl ! lol
  2. I have to post "group shots" with some other accessories (sorry that these are the same pics I've put in other posts - it's too late for new pics!), but to single them out, I have a Hamptons embossed mini, a gold lurex mini, a blue patent mini and a medium gold soho mini!

    Ok, until this minute, I didn't realize how many minis I had (i got two of them today though)!
    accessories.JPG skinnies n fobs.JPG
  3. i know, its fun :yahoo:thanks!
  4. I LOVE the mini skinnys. I use mine every day. I have 3 of them so far because I'm picky about the ones I get lol.
  5. I don't have a mini skinny. They are really cute, what do you keep in them? I have 4 coach wallets, a wristlet, and a cosmetic case.
  6. I bought a Coach wallet, but can you believe I've never used it because I use the mini skinny. I put cash, my drivers license and two or 3 other cards I always use in there. It's easier to dig out than a wallet, plus it's good if you are going out and you don't want to carry a bag or even a wristlet. I also have a white card case that I put the rest of my cards in.
  7. Here's mine!

    I'll be adding another one tomorrow (Madison Lurex!)


    I use mine as a mini wallet in my smaller bags, or in my larger bags to hold my change and club cards, etc.
  8. i love my lurex one! mine is pink and SO girly, lol!
  9. I'm getting the gold/silver (khaki) one. And the matching Zoe clutch. :yahoo:
  10. ah! the zoe! i'm jealous!!!
  11. I just had a mini skinny brainstorm! I have keys attached to one of my mini skinnys (a question in another thread) but it's a pain to move them between keyrings.

    What if you put your keys on one end of the valet key fob and used the other end to clip to the keyring of your mini skinny - you could easily move the keys between them!


    photos of my mini's - I got the blue and the sig to "go" with the taffy's.
    coach 014.jpg
  12. ^that's what i do! (though i don't have the amanda valet)
  13. Krispin, you are my favorite mini skinny gal! I love your mini skinnies!

    I have a hampton in sig/chocolate, a black sig gallery (with the front pocket) and a punch stripe on the way. I love mini skinnies!!
  14. oh, i'm goin to get the ms in punch!! it's so feminine!