The mini ... should I keep it?

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  1. After debating with myself for months, I decided to go and get a medium flap. Went into the local store yesterday.... and guess what just arrived? A lambskin black SHW mini rectangular which was super pretty! So went home with her.

    Should I keep it? Buy a medium flap anyway? Or return it for the medium? For those of you who have both, what uses have you gotten for each?

    Chanel bags are only going to get expensive that my instinct is to keep this and use it. Sooooo confusing you guys!

    Thanks for input!

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  2. I have both this combo of mini (black lamb with silver) plus several classic flaps. I love them all!
    What is your lifestyle like? Minis are so carefree to wear crossbody. But the classic flaps can carry you from casual to formal.
    Only you can judge, but a black mini is hard to find, so I would lean to advise you to keep it. It will serve you well for many years. :smile:
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  3. If you can afford both I would keep both as they both serve different purposes. However, if you can only afford one of them I would exchange it for the medium classic flap.
  4. Its gorgeous......+1 for keep, use and enjoy!!!
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    I think I agree with you!

    My style is that I have a big bag that I go to work with and tend to put a small one inside for when I need to grab coffee or lunch and when running errands. Hate heavy bags (my current big bag is Longchamp tote but this changes often. I used to carry the Cambon tote). Anyway, I have the LV Eva that I have used to death! I just gravitated towards this mini bag. It is sooo classy and fun ya know.

    The medium flap in the store was in caviar but felt stiff, if that makes any sense? I think I am seriously considering vintage for medium. But I am actually not too sure if vintage is “softer”? This just means I also want medium isn’t it? :biggrin:

    I always am in a major dilemma when buying chanel. Every.Single.Time.

  6. I could sell my other bags :biggrin:. Or my kidney hahaha! I think I will probably struggle to sell my other bags at this stage. If I keep the mini, I will have to fund the medium flap from somewhere else!

  7. Thank you!
  8. Get the medium - i dont have the mini, but my Medium already fits almost nothing ... so I see the mini's as pointless
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  9. I have been looking for a black mini! So congrats to you! I would say if you can afford to have both, them keep it. I got my first mini 2 weeks and I love it. I am surprised how much it fits.
  10. I have classic med flap and adore it perfect for everyday as well as out at night. I tried on mini and it can be adjusted to wear cross body or shoulder, and it carries a good amount of items(wallet, keys,phone, lipstick - but THATS IT) but I think(my opinion) is that a mini looks great in a color cause its (again my opinion) more of a "fun" bag where the med flap is classic. So if you could afford both keep the mini, but if you had your heart set on med, I would go med. But again just my opinion - YOU have to wear it.
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  11. Lol! in that case I would definitely go for the medium flap because it’s more expensive and the prices are only going to creep up. I also think that the medium flap is more versatile.
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  13. mini all da way!
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  14. If you had both bags in your collection right now, which one would you use today? Or tomorrow? When I find myself overthinking about bag purchases or keep/return decisions, I just refocus on what serves my needs right now. Both your choices are classic and perennial so I think you won’t go wrong with either choice, just what suits your particular needs and style better. Good luck!
  15. Hi guys,

    Im just about to purchase my first chanel mini rectangular in black quilted lambskin shw preloved. The seller has provided me with photos of receipt and authenticity card but I just can't seem to find online any details about the code starting with 29xxxxxx.

    It was purchased from store this December.

    Any info about the newest date codes?
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