The Mini Pleaty Club

  1. I'm in! :flowers:

  2. I love my mini pleaty. I got the blue denim one and it's just so adorable. Pretty roomy too.
  3. Your mini pleatys are so cute!!!
  4. I bought mine a couple of months ago and have only used her once! She definitely needs to find a new home because I'm a terrible owner... LOL.
  5. I :heart: mini pleatys. The pink is pretty. :yahoo: :love: I think I might get a pink one next.
  6. Yup the pink is my fave!
  7. I just got these...I can't wait 'till spring to use them!

  8. The green is fab. :heart:
  9. [​IMG]
  10. ^^^Wow, great picture.
  11. i love it's my 5th valentine's present from my hubbie:love:

    my lovely mini pleaty in denim blue :heart: :heart: :heart:
    mini pleaty.JPG
  12. You have a nice husband. :yes: Love the pleaty.
  13. I love all your bags!!!!:heart: :heart: :heart:
    Here is a pic of mine. Not the best pic sorry my dog ate my camera cord so I have to take pics with my laptop for now:sad:
    Photo 10.jpg
  14. i got my denim mini pleaty for christmas! i love it so much. i love the hardware, i love everything about it..i tried on almost every bag at the lv boutique and that one was my favorite!

    too bad its locked up for 16 more days! i need it!!

    i can't wait till the spring too but i'm still have a few winter outifts i have in mind for it!
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