The Mini MAC bug finally bit me

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  1. #1 Apr 6, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2016
    I've been buying RM since 2008 and once I bought python print full sized MAC but returned it. Never bought a mini. I have all the other staples - MABs, MAB Minis, Skinny Macs, Nikkis... but I never even considered getting one of these even though they're super cute and I've always been searching for the perfect small going out bag.

    So I went to Nordstrom Rack this past weekend in search of some jeans and pajama bottoms to hold me over til I lose all the weight I gained from taking a medication and the FIRST THING I saw and gravitated to as soon as I walked into the store was a rack of purple mini crossbodies. All of them were the kind with the three zippered compartments on the front (never cared for them, don't know the name of the style) and then there was one single MAC Mini for 98.00 and I grabbed it like I just found a 20.00 bill on the street. I never even saw this beautiful luscious color before! I wore it out that night and took a picture on the train for my RM obsessed friend who I was chatting with on Facebook:


    I fully expect to have at least two more by the end of summer. Definitely a shade of pink and a shade of blue. Perhaps black because most of my bags are black. IDK. But I'm sooo happy with this purchase! It fit everything I needed it to! I'm sorry I didn't buy one sooner :Pullhair:
  2. Yay congrats!! I did the same thing, been into RM for ages but never got the mini until recently, and it blew my mind with how perfect it is. LOVE the color on yours!

    PS: I like seeing that I'm not the only one who uses an iPod classic still :P
  3. Thanks! & IPOD CLASSIC USERS REPRESENT!!!!!! I work at an Apple Store so I've been teased relentlessly by my coworkers for years for not using my iPhone to listen to music (I'm too used to the clickwheel as I've been using them since 2004, I don't like the touchscreen interface - unless I'm driving, I don't like walking around NYC with my phone out, and I don't want to drain the phone's battery). Whenever I spot another Classic user we always acknowledge eachother and at least smile lol. I was on the verge of tears when it got discontinued because its Apple's pioneer product... the company wouldn't be where it is today if it weren't for iPod. I hope they bring it back!
  4. iPod classics are the best! I had my bag stolen a couple years ago and of all the things in it, my trusty 8 year old iPod classic was the thing I was most upset about losing. I managed to buy a new one before they got discontinued (or maybe they were already discontinued and I got what the store still had), so I was lucky that way! If this one breaks I have no idea what I'll do, I have way too much music to store on my phone and I like to have all the options available. And like you said, listening to music on your phone is the worst battery drain!

    Here's my iPod on its RM Cory pouch, they were made for each other:

  5. I use a Cory for mine too if I'm using my earbuds (mostly during the summer)! I also use an RM MAC Cosmetic bag to hold my iPod and Beats headphones. Thanks RM for letting me carry my gigantic iPod with chicness.
  6. Congrats! You have a wonderful color! I think it might be Hyper Purple? Am I right? I have the same one and it's one of fave shades! I also have an Ipod Classic! I've had it for more than 8 years but sadly, the battery is conked out. It only works if I attach it with the cable to my PC but I can't take it out and use it because the battery doesn't even last an hour. I have over 12k songs in it, and I don't know what to do since I can't use it like I used to. :crybaby:
  7. Twins! I have the same one :smile:
  8. That's so great! I love it when slg perfectly fits your stuff, when I realized my iPod fit perfectly in the Cory pouch I was ecstatic. Oh and by the way, I can't believe your Apple coworkers make fun of the most iconic piece of technology in recent history! Sure the iPhone is great, but cellphones already existed when it came around, iPods were revolutionary in their time!

    The pouch or the iPod? If it's the iPod we might have to start an iPod classic appreciation thread here, ha! :biggrin:
  9. The Ipod hehe :smile: I wish for the pouch though, I'm afraid my Ipod is not in portable working condition :nogood:
  10. Oh yeah, just read your post up there, that sucks! Fingers crossed they'll reintroduce it at some point so you can get a new one. My old iPod was such a workhorse, it was clunkier than my current one but never had any problems, the one I have now sometimes skips songs midway through which is kind of worrying. I wonder if the old one is still going strong wherever it is, I got it in 2005 and I have a feeling it's invincible.
  11. Yes, it's unfortunate. I wish Apple would make Ipods with removable battery because that is the only flaw in mine. I hate that I also can't transfer the songs from my Ipod to a drive.. that's why I'm holding on to it. Curses! How long does it take to charge yours from a laptop?
  12. Yeah the battery thing is driving me nuts too, it definitely would be better if you could replace it. My old iPhone was pretty bad at the end and I only had it for a couple years. I never really connect my iPod to my computer for charging, I only do that when I need to add more music, but charging it through the wall plug takes about 3 hours I think. Pretty sure my old iPod was the same, it took about the same time to charge but the battery didn't last as long. I'd say the old one lasted about 10 hours at the end while my new one lasts 20-30, depending on if I shuffle or not.
  13. Thanks for the info! I have the wall charger too but I'm not sure if it's broken or not.. I tried charging my ipod with it and it would never charge to full even if it was plugged in for more than 4 hours. That's how I figured it might be my battery.
  14. You can swap it out at the Genius Bar and pay for a new replacement :smile: It'll probably take a while for them to receive it (maybe a couple weeks). Or you can buy a new one on eBay!

    Also there are lots of software for ripping songs off iPods... I used one many years ago so I forgot the name but just do a little research and you'll find one that rates well. I'm not sure how long mine charges, I just dock it overnight to my iMac (where I keep my library, even though I use my MacBook Pro primarily). Its fairly new though, I bought mine months before they were discontinued and bought AppleCare+ with it and I've had it replaced like 5 times lol. The AppleCare expires in May so if anything goes wrong I'll just pay whatever the price is for a replacement.
  15. Thanks! I have to figure out how to transfer my files from my Ipod, first. A lot of them are CDs that I manually uploaded and don't have the patience to do again lols :P