The Mini Lin Croisette Club!!!

  1. Here's mine.... blue Marina PM & Mini Lin Croisette bag charm:yahoo:
    mlc3.JPG mini lin croisette bag charm.JPG
  2. I'm in!!

  3. ^^^^

    Noe, to be honest, I never gave the red color a second thought until I saw your photo.......breathless, it's simply gorgeous !!! Congrats !!
  4. Thanks!
    Actually, I love blue one but I have blue josephine, grey nimbus and green neo speedy so my hubby and 3 SAs said, "PINK ONE!!!!!" so I agree with them and I got this!

    I love it!
    1102m1.jpg 1102m2.jpg
  5. Your pictures were help a lot at another thread!! THANKS:tup:
  6. you're most welcome:smile:. your bag is gorgeous! love it!
  7. I'm in! My goodies are still sitting in their boxes but I got the Speedy in Blue and the Key Ring/Bag Charm in Red (although it looks more pinkish IRL)
  8. here i come!
    mini lin croisette bleu speedy.JPG
  9. blue one is nice^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  10. I'm o torn between the blue or red

  11. when I saw the color at the store, my feeling was 70% blue and 30% red but.....
    my husband and three SAs pointed and said, "RED!!!!!!!!!" coz I have grey nimbus, navy blue josephine and blue juliette. too much blue!!

    both nice ^^^

    I should get round coin purse in blue:heart:
    1102ma5.jpg 1102m3.jpg 1102m6.jpg 1102round2.jpg
  12. noe, ur pictures are so beautiful! i am considering now if i shld drop my to-be-collected marina bleu pm...but ur pictures are so convincing to me that i shld keep... :wondering
  13. congratulations everyone! i'm still waiting for the red marina GM but now i'm having second thoughts! the red speedy is gorgeous!!!! i need to make up my mind soon!:hrmm:
  14. same here cant decise whether to get the speedy or marina sa reserved for me the marina gm in blue but after seeing the speedy i cant decide speedy or marina gm........dillema sigh.............:confused1:
  15. can anyone tell me is it just like the mini lin or is the fabric stiffer it's just I've seen some really saggy mini lin speedies so bad the looked like hobo's & I don't think I want it is if it's really saggy