The Mini HL

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  1. Ok... so i admit, i am a weirdo... I like to buy wristlets that match my bags to put my digital camera in... Like I have Coach signature one that matches my Michael Kors bag and a white Dooney and Bourke IT one that matches my two Dooneys

    Sooooo that leaves my Louis Vuitton Speedy without a matching one! And I thought "how cute would it be to have a mini speedy inside a speedy?!"

    I admit I am strange! lol... does anyone have the Mini HL? Any likes/dislikes? and why is it called mini HL?

    Also... should I buy a brand new one or save money and get it from a reseller?
  2. a wapity?
  3. lol i'm going to get a wapity for the Neverfull I'm buying this summer
  4. um anyone? lol
  5. I think the HL would be darling with your Speedy-so cute. I bought a preowned HL for my 3yr old girl (cause I wasn't gonna spend $395 +tax on that for her) and it is in great condition. I just think its alot for such a small bag. But you can fit a camera or cell, I didn't try my cles-since it "not mine" lol! but I bet the old one would fit. There weren't alot on Ebay and I don't think I saw any on let-trade or 2nd-handbag,but keep looking, that was about almost 2 wks ago. Good luck
  6. i love my mini HL.
    i can fit a wapity, a phone and ipod into mine(:

    dont underestimate small things(:

  7. I think the only problem would be the handles on the mini HL would probably get caught going in and out of the speedy, kwim? Other than would be cute! Also, the opening of the speedy 25 is not that wide, but a 30 would probably fit it ok.
  8. Oh I already have the Speedy 40... so getting things in or out isn't a problem...

    Thanks for all of your help!

    lvgucciaddict... if you don't mind how much did you pay for the mini HL
  9. Mini hl just sold on ebay for 180.00
  10. I think I might have read on another forum that it's mini HL for the initials of la grandchild in the vuitton family or a younger family member, something like that.
  11. I've handed down my mini HL to my 11 year old daughter. I've had it since 1989 and gotten so much use out of it. I still borrow it from her at times. I like to use it with the long strap and wear it cross body.

    I say go for it. Would go fantasticly with the speedy 40. BTW, it'll fit in the speedy 25 because my daughter has that one too and it fits inside, no problem at all.
  12. I think that would be very cute
  13. Thanks guys!
  14. The mini Hl is seriously a great little bag , You can fit a ton in it!
  15. Mini HL = Henri-Louis, one of the kids at the time.

    It is cute, I used to own it in black MC. I do think the handles might be an issue, they will take up room in the speedy and going in and out will be tight.
    Still a cute idea though!
    I have a Wapity as an accessory case.. very user friendly inside all other bags! You will love it for your Neverfull!