The Mini HL Sac Club!

  1. I dont know if anyone has already posted this, so here it goes! Show your Mini Sac/s!!!! I love these bags, they are too cute!!!!!
  2. im joining the second my pictures load up :smile:
  3. yay!!! we have 1 club member, bvbirdygirl, with a white mc mini sac!!
  4. here ya go!
  5. and heres my patina!!!!
  6. love ya view!!
  7. thank you! the sun just set, and it looks so nice!
  8. its been dark for a while here... :sad:
  9. Here is my Mini hl. It still has a light patina. I don't use it much because I'm saving it for my 2 year old daughter.
    mini hl.jpg
  10. Yay, a mini sac club! I want one of these bags, hehe. Maybe someday...

    I love the ones that are up here, btw...

    C'mon girls, post some more so I can drool. :drool:
  11. Wow, bvbirdy, killer view! Your HL is beautifully honeyed.
  12. okay...we have bvbirdygirl who has the white mc, and joann121270 with her black mc!!!

    come on! more members!!
  13. why, thank you ;)
  14. come on ladies! show us your mini hl sacs!
  15. come on guys and girls! post your mini sacs!! i know more people have them!!