The Mini Bowling!

  1. Hey, does anyone know where I could purchase a grenat Mini Bowling or a greige Mini Bowling? Also if anyone had pictures that would really help - thanks xXx
  2. Also i forgot to add I live in the UK - so I would have to be able to purchase it via phone!
  3. There is one Gernat Mini Bowling at NM VA but i don't know if they ship to UK. You can call them 703-761-1600. Here is a pic for you.:smile:
    IMG_2088 (2).JPG
  4. thanks nanaz - now I am wondering if the greige on eBay is a better bet for the summer, descisions descisions!
  5. I think there is a grenat mini bowling at NM Denver
    Good luck! MB is a great shape!
  6. When I was calling around for mini bowlings, nearly everyone I called had a grenat. I don't think one of those would be hard to find.