The Millionaire Matchmaker...

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  1. Looks kinda cool. Sigh. All I do is watch Bravo TV. I should get a shirt. :supacool:
  2. I want to see this show!
  3. I wish THIS show was in NYC instead of the Manhattan Moms. At least, then I could apply. :graucho:

    Oh and I just want to state that the "matchmaker" is quite hard on the eyes.
  4. ^^:lol: I definitely agree on that.. She is kinda..manly-looking, IMO. :shrugs:
  5. Oh my....what a sight! "Kinda manly looking" is being too kind!
  6. Aaaah I like her. She's a cool gal. I'm so looking forward to this show!
  7. Yeah, she seems like a cool guy !
  8. I mean gal.:shame:

  9. Me too ! maybe I should get a coffee mug.:s
  10. I watched the teaser episode they had on, and I'm sure I'll be hooked. I'll take one of those t-shirts too!
  11. OMG someone who will help a gal gold-dig? THAT'S AWESOME.
  12. LOL i wanna watch this show!
  13. She is, um, rather interesting looking.
  14. Agree with the comments on the matchmaker. Especially that one extremely close shot of her on the phone.. she should invest in some blotting sheets :push:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.