THE MIDDLE - Part of ABC's Comedy Wednesday

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  1. I searched and couldn't find an existing thread on this show (if there is one, Mods, please close this and merge!)

    I really like Patricia Heaton and think she plays this character very well and I absolutely love Neil Flynn (he used to play the Janitor on SCRUBS!). I also think that the kids are charming and each have very unique, individual personalities (I love how Brick (the youngest son) whispers everything to himself!

    Doris Roberts is going to be a guest star on tonight's season premier, which looks pretty good. It almost looks like she's playing the same type of character as Ray's Mom to Patricia Heaton's Deborah.

    Anyone else out there watch this show? Looking forward to the season premier?
  2. My husband and I love this show! It is freakin' hilarious! I discovered this show when I was recovering from a c-section this past June. Sue Heck and her goofy smile just cracks me up. My favorite scene is where she tries out for the cross country team while on crutches. I laughed so hard I cried when started raining, she, got mud on her face, and then one of the crutches brakes apart.
  3. :nuts::nuts: OMG!! That was my fav episode too!! I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants!! With the Chariots of Fire theme playing in the background and one thing after another going wrong!! Hilarious!!

    I also really liked the Mother's Day episode and how she kept comparing it to Father's Day -- so, so true!!
  4. The youngest son whispering to himself is classic! I really enjoy this show.
  5. Last night's episode was cute - who couldn't identify with at least ONE of those things you have to deal with on the first day of school? Over-sleeping? Forms not completed, checks not written to pay for something or another. Doris Roberts was funny - she played the character with such a straight face and zero emotion (altho I think the "smother" line may have been stolen from an episode of Modern Family from last season!;))

    Sue's enthusiasm for making the Cross Country team and proudly wearing her sweatshirt when all her teammates were in their Tshirts!! And who couldn't help but smile at Brick's "Sha-Quwile" O'Neil!!!
  6. i thought i'd hate this show but i actually LOVE it! great comedic acting by all of the cast!