The Mid-Afternoon?

  1. JudieH, you are trying them all! :lol:

    I'm pretty sure that the mid-afternoon is not a shoulder bag. I remember seeing one at the balny store and the arm handles were pretty short.
  2. Are you making fun of me? :crybaby:

    Thanks for the info though- the search continues!!

    PS- Not that you asked, but I don't think The Courier is very dressy. I think we are looking for the same bag.

    Have you been to BalNy recently? I'm thinking of making a visit soon.
  3. Of course I'm not making fun of you! I am laughing with you because I am going through the same search right now. :smile:

    The courier is definitely too casual for what I am looking for. I was in BalNY a couple of weeks ago. It's the best place to see a bunch of bags, but Barneys is more friendly and they have quite a few too. I really like the SAs at Barneys so I usually shop there. In my opinion, BalNY has an attitude that isn't really me.

  4. Really? I've heard great things about Daphne from this board. I spoke with her over the phone and she seemed nice.

    Which Barneys has the best selection? I have my inlaws visiting for a few days and I'm wondering if I could sneak into the city to check out the bags. I guess I can also go to NM at the Short Hills Mall. Last time I was there, I only looked at the Day style and I'm not sure what other styles they carry.

    Have you seen the mini bowling bag? Could that work?
  5. I always go to the flagship at Madison and 61st. Great selection. You could take your inlaws there and take them to Fred's for lunch (9th floor)
  6. Yes but where would I leave my children? And if my MIL saw the price tag.....would not be good.:wtf:
  7. The MidAfternoon is not a shoulder bag...unless you have the arms and shoulders of a 7-year-old girl...but it's way cute!
  8. I am sooo with you on the attitude thing! Augh! I usually need to have a few Martinis before I head over to BalNY. Then I just storm in there like I own the place!! :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Works like a charm!!!:yes:
  9. I'll have to try that next time Purse-Ooooh, but I am going to make my martini a vodka martini with a twist of lemon. :supacool: