the Mia Line?

  1. how do you guys like it? at first i was like eww. but then i thought it loooks kind of fun, like the satchel and the wristlet. like its not one of those huge flower appliques like before, i never got into that, but this one with the brown leather, and the brass rivets and the lace, i dont think its too bad at all. what do you think?
  2. and it has long shoulder straps too so i guess thats a plus for the girls like me who like the shape of satchels, like the daphne, but cant keep it from falling off the shoulder and dont like to carry bags by hand..
  3. heres the satchel:
    mia.jpg miaa.jpg
  4. Same for me! At first I didnt really like it, but the longer I stared at the Mia braided handles satchel I started wanting it real bad LOL
  5. im iffy on the hobo and the long wallet but the wristlet:
    40125_B4IN_d2.jpg 40125_B4CN_d2.jpg
  6. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  7. i love the walnutty leather of the bags, maybe since i didnt pick up that wristlet i might by the end of july at least pick one of these up? do you think this'll hit the outlets?
  8. I think some might make it, but probably not until September since this line is fairly new.
  9. how long is the return policy, if i buy it and not use it (which would be SO hard, but i liked it becuase i thought it would look nice with my fossil messenger.
  10. and its different, kind of out there for me.
  11. I like it better in the brown than the blue...but in person...its a bit much. Maybe in a smaller piece it would be okay...but on the larger bags its definitely too much.
  12. so the wristlet you would suggest?
  13. Definitely....and if they came out with a demi that would probably be okay too..but bigger than that I'd stay away from.
  14. I don't really like the design but love the satchel shape. The appliques are alittle much for me.
  15. love the wristlets!!