1. Come post pictures of your lovely metallics bags! :yahoo:
  2. My 04-pewter Weekender
  3. My beloved 2005 Silver City, here pictured with little sister 2004 Black Classique :heart:

  4. [​IMG]

    Silver City :graucho:


    Antique Gold Part Time :graucho:


    And side-by-side.

    Will soon update with another recent metallic acquisition:wlae:
  5. I'm joinning this club with my 04 Pewter girls:heart:

    04 Holiday Pewter Mini Twiggy and Coin Purse

  6. :drool: Deco your antique gold is sooo elegant :heart:
  7. Thanks buru!

    And here's more: Pewter Day. I'm in loooooooooove!


    aaaa 012.jpg aaaa 014.jpg
  8. Deco, you're a real Metallic junkie!!! Gorgeous bags, all of them!
  9. :wtf: DECO: you are killing me with your metallics...dang it girl! :yahoo:
  10. E, I'm not done yet! Bronze is here too!

  11. :shocked: ohmyohmyohmyohmyohmy... :nuts: :drool:
  12. DECO: don't you never-ever, ever-never step one pinkie toe in the state of New Jersey with any of those bags. My B-bag-dar will be alerted and I will be forced to do a snatch and run. :graucho:
  13. Ya'll have some awesome metallic bags...makes me want more!! Deco, your collection is CRAZY-COOL ;o)

    Here's my holiday '04 Red Metallic Mini Classique and another shot to show how perfect this style is on the dance floor with my previous co-workers!
    04_red_metallic_mc.jpg mini_classique_dancing.jpg
  14. Wow! RealDeal, you've given me a new appreciation (and lust) for the mini classique:drool:. That looks perfect for a night out.
  15. ^ Thanks, Deco.

    Here's my plug for the Mini Classique style. It's fabulous for going out and actually stays on the shoulder even when dancing and I move my shoulders a lot when I dance, but the strap is small and the whole bag is well balanced.

    You wouldn't know you were wearing it except for all the compliments ;o) and it's small enough that it doesn't get in the way when there's a crowd.

    You should definitely get one! Maybe in one of the colored metallics like magenta, red, orange or pink. You have all the metal colored metallics covered, Deco-girl!