the metallic orange mini twiggy in barneys finally has a home -- pix!

  1. hi girls!

    last week somebody mentioned they may still have lilacs in Barneys outlets, so since i was on the look out for lilacs i started calling the outlets... they didnt have any lilacs, but one outlet did offer me this metallic orange mini twiggy for 60$! plus shipping and taxes ended up to only 87.50$! got her today and i love her! :yahoo: she's just really tiny bec even my wallet wont fit in it LOL!
  2. oops forgot the pix here they are
  3. dont know what happened here it is again
    lv 004.jpg lv 005.jpg lv 006.jpg lv 007.jpg
  4. congrats! A new bbag for under 100 bucks?!?! You definitely scored! What a cute bag w/a lot of punch!
  5. At that price what's not to love???? Adorable mini twiggy....wonderful color. Congrats!!!
  6. LOVE IT !! I love orange !
  7. That is a great deal!!! WOO HOO!!!! What color is the hardware? Congrats!!!!! Beautiful and very cool!!!:supacool: :love: :yahoo:
  8. wow, that color is stunning & for that's such a good deal!
  9. thanks girls! i love it too! (ie, the bag and the price LOL!)

    the hardware is metallic orange as well...the zipper looks like whats on my sapin... that's pewter, right?

    anyway here are the pix of the hardware
    lv 008.jpg lv 009.jpg
  10. ^^^Very nice!!! Love the hardware!!!
  11. WHAT A DEAL!! I couldn't believe my eyes as I read that!! congrats!
  12. omg $60?!?! :nuts:

    awesome deal! congrats
  13. What a great deal o the mini twiggy. I guess now you'll have to find a wallet that fits inside! ;)
  14. omg~~ that is stunning!!!
  15. great deal! congrats! what a fun going out bag!