The men in our lives and bag awareness....

  1. About a month ago, I was in Bloomingdales the day before one the big July 4th weekend sale, so I prebought bags to pick up like two days later. I did the Coach demi with the gold and I did a gorgeous Ananas bag. Each bag was already on sale, less 40% less 15% and then I had two of those $15.00 off couons from a hundred.

    When I came home with them I put them in their dust bags and tucked them into the closet. The day I picked them up I also went out to lunch with my best friend from college so I think hubby may have thought that the trip was just to see her.

    So I started using the Ananas bag I'd say two or three weeks ago. SInce hubby works like a nut and comes home late I was suprised he hadn't asked about the bag on the table or the chair. Saturday nite we're leaving his friend's hosue and I'm digging in my bag to show him something.

    He screams out 'WHEN DID YOU GET THAT BAG?'
    I'm like afew weeks ago the day i saw Revi (my best friend).
    He goes into that rant of what did you spend, you don't need another bag the whole deal.

    I'm like ohh it was like a hundred (it was $120) and then I go but it was originall $375. wanna see the tag which for some reason I still have tucked into the pocket of the bag
  2. SO his friend was like dude she's saving you $250 a month if she buys a bag a month.

    So the car ride home is 45 minutes and my husband is going on and on with the 'do you need a purse' 'you have a purse' At a point I tuned him out as he kept saying the same things over and over.

    After about a half hour he gets like confused and goes aren't you going to argue. You could say thiis or that or this or that to me.
    Ie things he has spent money on.

    My response to him was I'm not going to argue with you. I've worked hard all year, I have cut my credit debt down a lot.

    I also trully didn't feel like this was a fight or discussion worth entertaining. Because I can buy him underwear and he's like 'but I already have underwear'

    Just thought I'd share this as I think many of us have less then understanding men in our lives when it comes to shopping and specifically purses.
  3. Bags make me happy. My husband understands and respects that (although he has not got a clue about bags). A couple of months ago I mentioned the 2.55 reissue situation to him (ie, it may get sold out if I don't act fast). He drove me to NYC the next morning to pick it up. I married him when he was 19 and we have been married for 21 years......
  4. ^I can see why you married him:yes:

    My partner doesn't put up too much of a fight. He accepts it because he has to. :P
  5. My dh has to be trained. He did not know that purses less than $200 exists. :wtf:

    However, he accepts the fact that most of my purses are 5-600 a pop, i have never bought home a $1500 one yet (she's coming on wed!!), i am scared to death to tell him but again, it's my hard earned money.
    Since he will never find out how much it cost, i am not planning to tell him. :P
  6. haha that's too funny... you train him well!!! :yahoo:

  7. I like to look at it this way too! DH knows that I love bags and its not often that I splurge so when I do...he's ok with it.

    I told him about the Chloe Betty on sale and that I was pondering if I should get it... he said in a very enthusiastic way "you should get it! Its $1300 off! If you dont like it you can sell it later on!" I was kind of scared. :shrugs:
  8. He is an angel:angel: and you are very lucky. I am engaged and my fiancee buys me expensive handbags but I used to worry that when we get married and have children he would not but I see know there is hope:yahoo: :wlae:

  9. I've trained my husband well, infact he doesn't bat an eye anymore when he hears the prices and also buys me most of them himself. Other things don't go over that smoothly though. Last spring I fell for an Ingo Maurer wall lamp and got pretty determined to get one, it's basically a lightbulp with wings, lol, and here in Iceland it was around 1000$. You should have seen the look on his face when I showed it to him, 1000$ for a lightbulp!!! You could get a really good bag for that etc. After some begging and light flirting I finally got him in the store to look at it, and guess what, he bought the 3000$ chandelier for me. That one had 12 lightbulps and he figured he was saving 750$ per bulp!! :lol:
  10. I guess i'm very lucky.My boyfriend is very understanding about my obsession. He even bought half of my bags with no occasion. However, if i tend to go over the top(like buying more than 2 expensive bags a month with many pairs of shoes and jeans) , he would try to warn me about my spending. I think it's good. Otherwise i would go bankrupt without him.
  11. My boyfriend is understanding to a certain extent. He doesn't know what's new or not new. I always tell him my mom sent it to me. LOL When we argue about money though, he has no problem pointing to my closet :rant:

    What, thatttt? all those clothes and purses are sooooo old puh-lease :angel:
  12. My DH totally doesn't get it. BUT he notices all my new purchases! I use my own $ to fund my purchases - and while he buys kayaks, goes golfing, etc. I buy bags. It all evens out - money is money right lol? He has his likes and I have mine - always my argument :=)
  13. My DH supports my bag addiction and I love him for it. :love: He even gives me his opinion on the bags that I am interested in. Out of all the bags that I own he has funded more than half of them. :heart: Without him I would probably be bagless since saving money is not my best skill. :shame:
  14. My husband knows that I have an obsession with bags as he is always looking in my closet and asking my why I need another one. After the first three years I've learned to hide most of my expensive bags from him so that I don't have to deal with his stupid questions...He recently bought himself a new digital camera and computer monitor(which is huge) and I didn't really see the need for either item since he already had one of each but they were "outdatted". I didn't once comment that he shouldn't buy one so I don't know why he judges me. But in his defense he really doesn't know the true price of clothes or shoes at stores.
  15. my hubby works out of town during the week, so he is not aware of my purchases, unless he checks the CC bills online of course. however, i'm quite the super sneaky wife cause i have my best friend (secret shopper) buy all my goods for me and then i pay her back with cash. muhahaha NO PAPER TRAIL LADIES!!! LOL!!! my latest acquisition was the chanel luxe bowler last week. my friend ordered it for me and hubby HAS NO IDEA!!! yipee!! i'll just use it during the week and hide it on the weekends when he comes home. will bust it out in front of him next month when i visit my parents. i plan on telling him "it's one of my mom's old bags". LOL!! (he's fallen for this trick b4) last month, i purchased the fendi wisteria spy. i accidentally got a stain on it so i told hubby the bag was marked down at an outlet from $3000 to only $158 bc of the stain!!! not only did hubby fall for it, he even said "wow, did they have anymore?!" (he's clueless about "it" bags & prices unless i tell him) yes, i know i am very very bad....but hey, it's better than hubby keeping tabs on how many bags i have and how much i've spent on them. he can always use it against me one day when i want something really badly and my "secret shopper" is not around...."u just spent $3k on a bag last month and now u want to spend $2k on another one!!??" blah blah blah.....i'd rather not hear it!