The Medor Wristwatch

  1. I looked through the posts to get any facts on this watch and I am still wondering about a couple things that I hope you powerbag carrying and accessory wearing ladies and fellows can help me out with.
    Just an inquiry if in fact the Medor is NOT water resistant, and whether or not it should have that printed on the backside of the face; and also on the bands if after the "Bracelet Hermes" imprint there should be just a 'Y' or not. Oh and sorry one more, if the stud flips up or to the side?
    I've been looking into getting one for a while, and I'm looking at the risks of going the easy way (eBay and the like). Even if you can;t specifically answer something I asked anything you know to distinguish the faux from real would be a great help to me.
    I hope you can help and thanks in advance!
  2. The Medor IS water resistant, but doesn't have that engraved anywhere on the watch. So all the Medors you see on eBay that say water resistant swiss on the back are fakes. The back should be engraved with the model number and the serial number.. the model number on the top and serial number on the bottom, along with the Hermes emblem. The Y you are talking about is just a blind stamp indicating the year in which the watch was made. I think Y is 1995. The Medor has 2 different models, the old version flips up and the new version flips to the side. I don't think there are fakes of the new version... or I just haven't seen any. The newer ones are hard to come across, but then again authentic older versions are as well. If you are going to get one from eBay, consider the things I have said. There have been authentic ones being sold, but those are ALWAYS more expensive, in the 1000-2000 range. The fakes sell for 400-600(I even saw one sold for 1000 once) but I'm thinking neither the seller or the buyer know that it's fake.

    I own one in black and gold and its an older version... It's an amazing watch. I have also seen in person the ones marked water resistant...and they look nearly identical to the authentic ones. I would have never known they were fake until I was informed by Hermes. However you can be assured that no Medor purchased at Hermes, Neiman Marcus or other stores that are endorsed by Hermes is marked water resistant. The only way to be sure, though, is to buy one from one of those stores.

    Let me know if you buy one, good luck with the hunting!