The Medor! hum... Yes or No!

  1. All this excitement about Pairs has me thinking "Evening Clutch"

    I plan on wearing some nice cocktail dresses and came to thinking that my JPG mini Kelly's will not be what I want to take. I want something classic with a kick!

    My Fushia JPG (too bright) against black I'll blind someone.
    My 20cm Kelly will not do the trick with my dress. I'll post pictures within the next couple of days.
    My Black Jige will not be able to hold my camera.

    So now I start thinking about a "New" clutch. Gosh <~~~ Just give me an excuse to go shopping and wham! I'm there.

    I came across the Medor a FEW times, Minnie you should have knocked me over the head that day! I should have grabbed that baby! But every time I hold that thing in my hand I feel like I'm holding a rolled up newspaper! It seems to be a bit big for me, I dunno. Is it me? Maybe it's because I keep seeing it in Gold Hardware. Maybe I should try out the Pal Hardware. It would suit me better anyhow since I already have my bb kelly with gh.

    I don't know I just have all these visions in my head and I'm gonna go nuts!!!!!

    I think I'll just go out this week and pick one up. One of my stores has this bag both in pal and gh. I'll take some pictures and post them here. If it doesn't suit me I'll just return it for something else or just take the credit. I think this is gonna be another clutch hunt like last years hunt for the "Wedding Clutch"

    Damn!!!!! I'm still banging my head over passing that black matte croc jpg! DAMN DAMN DAMN!!!!!!! :smash:
  2. A Medor sounds lovely:yes:
  3. Sounds lovely.. but is it for me... :sad:
  4. You would look lovely with the bag I am sure. I have only seen it in the case at the store, but thought just what you said about its bulk in your hand. If you get one, will you please post photos of what it holds?

    Any thoughts about a Kelly longue (sp?)? Or a mini plume in croc?
  5. I was so crazy about the clutch, but I had never seen in irl. I was so excited when saw it in Ala Moana on honeymoon. It was really beautiful, but the SA said the clutch I saw was the smallest size and it was huge. As much as I love it, I just don't think that I could tote it around with me all night. Once I get a couple of drinks in me, I'll definitely lose it.
  6. Seeing your lovely collection- I totally think it would be you. I had the pleasure of fondling one at Hermes it was the new Toundra. I opened it up and it held quite a bit I was surprised. For an evening bag I think it would be fab- thats if you don't mind using a handheld.
  7. I don't like the Medor watch, the belt, or the cdc, but there's just *something* about the clutch that makes me love it. I say go for it!
  8. go for it! and if you decide you don't like it, put it on the eurostar in paris and send it my way :graucho:
  9. Or you could maybe... pick one up here. :graucho: This week there was no shortage of jpg kellys in shiny and matte colors, including two gorgeous vert fonce matte jpg kellys with RH! A bit deep sea green, dark turquoise, teal and graphite/noir all rolled into one. Unusual and stunning! And there are so so many clutches now at FSH; you're spoilt for choice. It may be the same esp if you'll be here in the run-up to x-mas.
  10. otoh, if you really want the medor, go get it! :smile: You'll stand out here since the medor clutch really isnt that popular at all in paris.
  11. I think the style of the Medor matches your style, but it might be too big for your petite frame. I love it, but am too clumsy too open and close it. I find it difficult to get in and out of.
    Have you tried a Kelly longue? It is big too, but flat.
  12. I will post pictures. Promise.

    I don't think I would want a croc plume. I have one in black box and I don't use her much.

    I do love the Kelly Longue. hum.. Maybe I'll look into one. I went crazy for IceChick's rose dragee KL :heart:
  13. :tup:

    and damage it!!! I think I would get it wet. That really scares me!!!
  14. Baggaholic, go for it. :smile:
  15. I don't really mind a handheld. what I really don't like is the bulkiness. I'm so confused! :crybaby: