The medium or large muse?

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  1. Well my original post was not about purses and it was so in the wrong forum! So I'm asking a question I was going to ask anyway.

    I'm really liking the YSL Muse bag right now. I know I'd never be able to pull off the oversize. So do you think the medium or large is a better size? I'm 5'6 and a size 2-4, so neither would look huge on me.
  2. I so hate when they don't pay for return shipping when it's THEIR fault. I hope they pay for your shipping and you get your shoes super faster. :biggrin:
  3. I like the medium.
  4. I like the large...I am also 5'6".
  5. YSL SA sent me the medium and the large, I have both of them right now. If you like, I will post a picture for you to see. I am keeping the large, the medium doesn't do the bag justice. The large is a perfect size, I think.
  6. i just bought the oversized one from Houston. I can't wait to get it. Gotta love no taxes.
  7. Please post a pic! I am wanting the large...I think
  8. Here are the pictures as promised... Let me know what you think. The left one is the medium Muse in chocolate brown, the right one is the large in black. BTW, I'm 5'3.

    the medium measures 14 1/2"x9"x4 1/2"
    the large measures 17" x 11" x 5 1/2"

    Hope this helps.:amuse:

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  9. Thank you so much for posting the pics Savannah! I think the large does look better, definitely does it more justice. I usually carry smaller bags, but the large and medium doesn't seem that different in size.
  10. FYI - the medium doesn't open quite nicely - it's hard to see all your stuff inside. I'm only 5'2 and the large was better for me. I loved the Chocolate color.
  11. I like the large :biggrin:
  12. Large all the way! although XL is :love: i'm too short to wear it though.
  13. i like the large:amuse:
  14. Thanks for the pics! I'm in :love: with the large!!!
  15. Is it just me, or is there barely a difference in the size? I think because you are tall, and that oversized bags are in, you should get the large.