The Medium Is The Message

  1. Another mug shot roundup featuring wittily t-shirted arrestees

    NOVEMBER 23--We can't get enough of mug shots featuring the accused wearing t-shirts with one of those precious slogans. In fact, this is our fifth end-of-the-week booking photo roundup devoted to such images As you peruse these 20 new photos, keep in mind that: a) the web site advertised in photo six is real (and very NSFW); b) the woman's shirt in photo 16 says, "Spank Me It's My Birthday"; and c) that's "pot," not "not" on the guy's shirt in mug shot 19.

  2. Let's see the noted ones first, shall we?

    6 (Real and NSFW website)

    16 ("Spank me it's my birthday")

    19 ("Thank you for pot smoking")
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Ah, I remember the days when our T-shirts just sat there and were quiet.

    Did you know it costs MORE for a T-shirt that doesn't say anything?