The Medallion Tote

  1. Here is a picture of my chanel medallion tote. I JUST LOOVE THIS BAG!!!! ITS AMAZING.... any other chanel medallion tote lovers out there. please show pics. of your baby ;)
  2. No MT but I love your bag. Beautiful! :tup:
  3. OOOOOooo, she's Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yes: I likey!!!!!!! Enjoy and Congrats!!!!!!!!!! ;)
  4. Love the medallion tote, congrats!
  5. It's gorgeous, congrats!
  6. [​IMG]

    Lovely bag..congrats:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  7. congrats!
  8. Pretty! The caviar looks smoother, less pebbled than the older versions. Is this the new washed caviar?
  9. Here is a photo of my beige medallion tote with one of my poodles, Charley.
  10. I thought it looked smoother too. Is it *gasp* lambskin?
  11. I was thinking the same thing. I have the caviar version and I absolutely love it to death ... but the lambskin version is absolutely stunning! Congrats and enjoy!
  12. I agree that its looks much smoother than my last year's version. Maybe it is the new "washed" leather.
  13. I just got mine the other day, too...its gone everywhere with me since then..even the gym! Love it!
  14. She is absolutely gorgeous...loveeeeee it!!! :tup:
  15. Yeah, when I saw the pic I thought it was lambskin. If its caviar, i'll be surprised!