The meaning of this song

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  1. I love Hallelujah! The original, written by Leonard Cohen, contains more lyrics than the version sang by KD Lang. It's a very ambiguous song, but for me the biggest themes are sex and regret. My favorite version is Jeff Buckley's.

    Also, in the lyrics "The 4th, the 5th, a minor fall, and a major lift", Cohen actually wrote those chords to match the lyrics. Pretty cool! :yes:
  2. My son also thinks Jeff Buckley's version is the best, and strangely enough, while I was looking on youtube to see who all had sang it, I came across KD Lang's version, and OM goodness, I LOVE LOVE LOVE her version. I have never been a huge fan of hers but I am now.

    I listen to it over and over and over again. :smile:. I am still trying to figure out it's meaning, as I sent it to my mom and sister too cause it just gives me the chills listening to it, and my sister also asked me what it meant.

    My husband, who I think is very good at interpretation, did not offer much other than the first two "paragraphs" are quotes from the bible. Yea, i kinda knew that.........

    I know it might mean different things to different people, but I would love to hear what everyone else thinks too.
  3. This was listed as this month's Greatest Song Ever by Blender Magazine.

    I'm not posting the entire piece, but here are some highlights:
    (Blender February 2009 p.24)

    The song mixed biblical imagery with erotic impulses - a favorite cocktail for Cohen - as it tiptoed the line between salvation and dispair.

    To Cohen, it was ultimately a celebration of powerlessness. "The world is full of things that cannot be reconciled," he has said. "But there are moments when we can embrace the whole mess: I don't understand a
    f[​IMG]cking thing at all - Hallelujah!"
  4. Interesting Caitln.

    I really thought when I heard it, that it was about finding faith and believing in something that you couldn't see.

    I can see now why there are many interprations of this song. I am doing alot of "investigating" on it. I had no idea it had been around as long as it has.

    Bon Jovi sings it very well too. Helps that he is good lookin to.
  5. OMG, i just watched the video and seriously thought that that was a guy singing... LoL. Then I read the coments and somebody wrote "the woman....." and i went "WHATTT?" LoL.
    I like Kate Voegeles voice, she sings this song as well. I saw her on one tree hill long time ago and i really loved her voice, ever since I m listening to her on youtube and i have a cd, and she sang the same song.

    Anyways, what the exact interpretation is- i dont know, but i don't think it has anything to do with the bible for some reason :confused1:
  6. That! That's how I took it. When you're so in love with someone, no matter what they did to you, you still loved them. Love is pain sometimes.

    And Jeff Buckley's version is one of my fav all time songs. His album, Grace, is phenomenal.
  7. One of my favorite albums of all time!

    This song is full of so much emotion and passion. To put it simply, I think it is a song about love, and life in general. It can have so many meanings. It certainly has some religious elements to it, although one does not have to be religious in order to see the beauty of the song.
  8. So tell me why you see it that way. I am really interested in everyone's inerpretation and how they get there.

    and thank you above for giving me the link to the lyrics interpretation. Interesting.
  9. Though the huge Jovi lover in me does like Jovi's version that they just did last year, my favourite version is by Rufus Wainwright.
  10. good, good song...... whatever the meaning may be to you....
  11. #13 Jan 24, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2009
    To me, I think the singer is talking about how people go through ups and downs in life, and specifically, in relationships. Some of these major, others minor, but in the end, you realize that it will all be okay.

    The song describes someone finding something, something that they never once believed in. Whether that be religion, "God," or a love that they never knew they could ever discover.

    At first, this thing (i.e. love,) brings about so much passion and obsession, but it quickly becomes tainted or flawed, for whatever reason. Soon, the singer realizes that love can do bad things- its beauty and power isn't always desirable and alluring. He realizes that as people change, the love between them can as well. Love can break a person's strength and spirit, or cause them to change drastically by allowing themselves to be controlled and forced into doing things that they wouldn’t have otherwise imagined. The complexity of love can be somewhat of a game- some win, while others lose; some devote all of their time and energy into trying to succeed, while others lie, cheat, etc…the singer has discovered this.

    A love gone wrong, like the one the singer describes, can leave a person feeling cold and shattered. Love can draw on one's weaknesses, and ultimately, once broken, can lead a person to have a twisted and tragic view on love and its existence. Despite this though, the singer still has faith in it. His heart may be broken, but his faith is not.

    The term "Hallelujah" is a praise- a reminder that things will go on, a broken heart can be mended, etc. The singer isn't giving up, despite the various ways in which he has suffered. In some ways, he feels liberated and renewed, and life (and love) will go on.

    That's my take anyway. Different days it can mean more or less…some days I listen to it and gather an ENTIRELY different meaning. That's why I love this song so much.

    btw, I think we should have a song meanings thread, because that would be totally awesome!
  12. love this song.

    jeff's version is hands down the best, followed by kd's. she's flawless :wtf:
  13. To me, it will always mean that the OC was canceled.