The Meaning behind Jack and Lucie

  1. Maybe all of you knew this already, but I just learned the meaning behind the Jack and Lucie keyring! Jack is named after the symbolic Halloween Jack O’Lantern and Lucie after the oldest human remains found to date.

    I can't believe that I bought the key chain as a charm to hang from my Damier Speedy 25 and didn't know their meaning. Interesting!
  2. I love the Jack and Lucie keychain! Thanks for the meaning behind them!
    Is it possible to know if they are still available at LV boutiques? Also, how much do they retail for? I would so appreciate some more info on this keychain! TIA!
  3. the jack looks like jack skellington from the nighmare before christmas..
  4. Yeah, I always thought the Jack & Lucie keyring was an ode to the Nightmare Before Xmas :shame:
  5. Interesting post! Thanks for sharing!
  6. i thought you named them jack and lucie... hahaah i didn't know that's their official name!

    ok i sounded stupid there.. hehee
  7. Okay...that's a little creepy, no?
  8. I had figured out the Jack part...but had no idea who Lucie was! Thanks for the info.
  9. I thought that too! But then I realized the girl on The Nightmare Before Christmas was named Sally! :p
  10. hmmmmm...tr444, i agree!
  11. wow..good to know but it's kinda odd..thanks for sharing, I didn't know that about Lucie
  12. now i want one even more!
  13. I like it. I did think Jack looked like the guy on Nightmare before Xmas. But why a fossil? I am surprised that it didn't come out closer to Halloween?
  14. Didn't it?? I thought it came out in Sept '06:confused1:
  15. It probably did, but I personally didn't see one until Chrsitmastime! Hence, the Nightmare before Xmas thought