THE MC NOE: only Petit or Regular too?

  1. :tpfrox:am in love with the MC Noe....i think she is the cutest thing ever....saw her today in the petit size at LV in Town Center, Boca Raton, , which looks like she holds a am sure you all know, this is the bag with the pocket on each side on the outside. Is there a regular MC Noe? SA said she didnt think so. Petit was in the neighborhood of $1520 or $1560, something like that..................
    i am in love with this baby but always prefer a bigger bag, so wouldnt want to buy the petit without at least seeing the regular size if such a size exists
  2. Only petite. I wish it came in regular too.
  3. Yep, only in petite size. I have it in black MC, I love it and it does hold a ton. You must go get it!
  4. yummy! its a fabulous bag! i think it will be joining my family LOL
  5. Only in Petite.