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  1. I think this beauty deserves its own clubhouse! I'll start with mine: Mazarine PM in Taupe


    (Mods, can you please move this thread to the clubhouse? Thanks!)
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  2. She's gorgeous, Congrats!
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  3. Awww thank you!
  4. Done! :biggrin:

  5. Thank you!
  6. Really lovely! I've been looking at this bag for 2 months (drooling) but it is 3250.00CAD plus tax is about 3600CAD. Since that would be putting all this years bag money into one bag I'm scared to pull the trigger on it. I want it to be my daily driver with no worries about weather and be wowed by it for that kind of money. If I buy a Siena pm or Bloomsbury the investment is smaller so I have lower expectations for them and need to be less wowed about them plus ease of resale as they are more affordable as preloved so easier to sell? . Hmm. Damier Ebene or Empriente? I have only ever owned canvas in LV. Any thoughts anyone?:smile:
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  7. Thanks! The Mazarine and the Siena are very similar. The only difference between them is the zipper pull (and the print/material, of course). I've always wanted an Empreinte bag, but never found a bag that I like until I saw the Mazarine. I actually didn't know it existed until I saw it on TPF. It's a great every day, worry-free bag! Plus, the leather smells soooo good. Good luck with your decision!
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  8. I thought the taupe color was discontinued. Where did you get it?

  9. It is. I got mine on in early February.
  10. Does anybody have the MM and can you post some mod shots and some "what's in your bag" shots? Trying to figure out if I can fit my work stuff in the MM because the PM is probably too small. The measurements on the website are apparently way off! Thanks in advance!
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  11. #11 May 25, 2016
    Last edited: May 25, 2016
    So I went ahead and ordered both the PM and MM. Here are some pictures of them together, and mod shots with the PM. The measurements on the website are not quite right.

    The PM is 10x5 inches at the bottom, is 8.25 inches tall, and 11.75 inches across the top (where it tapers to the zipper). There is one long inside pocket.

    The MM is 11.875x5.5 at the bottom, is 10 inches tall, and 14 inches across the top. There are one long and two small inside pockets.

    I love this bag. I'm so glad I traded in the Siena because this is a much more beautiful and well made bag! Can't wait to wear it all the time!!

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  12. Congrats!! The Mazarine PM looks great on you. Thanks for sharing the mod pictures. :smile:
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  13. Anybody else bought the Mazarine PM? This club is very quiet:smile:
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  14. Here's mine! Love the 2 zippers and magnet in the centre.... very convenient for busy hands!

  15. Yes I bought it this morning !
    I'll post pics when my baby is sleeping:nuts:
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