The Maxi Cabat

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  1. Pictures are in the Cabat thread in the Reference Library.
    Cabat - PICS ONLY!!!
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  2. I'm good...not by a lot but I must have short arms too because I have at least an inch!
  3. Disaster...
    SAs are shocked with these, too

    Attached Files:

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  4. Did you try on the smaller one with the shoulder strap?
  5. i didn't, i checked the Maxi ones, and they showed me one small in beige, which looked like a small bucket shape bag, which i ignored but now understand that IT must be the mini...
    from what i saw briefly, it didn't look any impressive, very plain, very simple, and very muted.
  6. the black Maxi is DARN HEAVY!! and yet it's empty!!! :annoyed:
  7. I thought they all were very heavy. I am curious to see the one that looks like the TM cabat but is a shoulder bag. Any intel on this one?

    Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 10.40.01 AM.png
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  8. May make a nice sleeping bag(?)

    You have better already
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  9. The photos say it all. Many thanks for taking the time to post these for us.
  10. the SA asked me if i have a little child...
    i looked at him, and said - even then it's not gonna work, it must have the wheels...
    they were really happy to hear my negative feedback, as they really all are shocked with this collection, and in a toned down voice he said "we really hope they will NOT discontinue the classic Cabat..."
  11. can't say 'pleasure', but glad to be of help :smile:
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  12. Hahahaha....that’s a good one. The new bags are just not nice
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  13. Wow.
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  14. I think you’re missing a real opportunity here. What I love about this maxi especially the red and white one is that if you’re tired, you could just hop in your Cabat and curl up for a little nap. It’s like a self contained womb of sorts.:nuts::confused1::sick::biggrin: You’d use the handle to hang your do not disturb sign.

    Our @papertiger was feeling the same vibe...
  15. Good gosh, what are they thinking? Thanks for the modeling shots.
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