The Maxi Cabat

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  1. If you do I will lose it!
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  2. :graucho:
  3. Hahahahaha! Now, everytime I see this Maxi Cabat, the image of you trailing it along will make me laugh out loud. I better compose myself before I step into the boutique.
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  4. It would have to be the nero/mustard one. As underwhelming as the bag is, I do like that colour combination!
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  5. Agree about the color combi! Just not the style.
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  6. looks like a perfect bag to practice the head carry.
  7. You mean using the strap across the forehead to carry it or balancing it on your head? Both visions have me crying :lol::lol::lol:.
  8. OMG. I was thinking on your head but the strap,around the head is hilarious. Maybe as a headband.
  9. Strap to the forehead, bag down your back, an old but reliable way of carrying a lot of weight :lol:.
    Time to stop hijacking this thread, sorry ladies!:angel:
  10. I’d be dragging along with you. I gave away my baseball hobo because the strap stretch enough over time that the bag hit the ground when I hand carried it.
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  11. I've never tried to hand carry mine, always on the shoulder, now I have to go see if to would drag if I did :lol:.
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  12. #42 Feb 12, 2019
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2019
    V0N, thanks for posting the details. It’s time for me to chime in. I’m not at all turned on by the new maxi cabats. I am however grateful that my TPF Enabler Ms. Diane was with me in Las Vegas when we spotted the matte and shine limited edition large cabat at the Bellagio. Our dear SA Dana acted fast and found one for me. #2 of 35 with only 5 available in the US. I didn’t flinch at all at the $9400 price tag. I love this cabat and plan to do more hunting for the classics on the secondary market.
  13. It’s not for me but so much better than the Dior book tote. At least it’s leather.
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  14. Pictures?
  15. I just tried it. I think I have about 1/2 inch clearance.
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