The Maxi Cabat

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  1. I'm looking at the Maxi Cabat like... but that's really more about the leather culottes and *gasp* running shoes.

    I don't like the new N/S proportions. The model is what, 5'11" or thereabouts, and the Maxi Cabat is a few inches from the ground. Where will it fall on someone who is 5'2" - 5'5" ?
    I have a reusable shopping bag with similar dimensions and every time I walk up the stairs, the bottom of the bag smucks against the top step as I go up. I can see this happening to this bag - the bottom taking a lot of wear and tear.
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  2. my thoughts exactly!
    i am 5'4-ish (164 cm) and it won't fall ON ME, but more likely I will fall INTO IT if i try to find something on the very bottom! :lol:
  3. :lol: I'd be dragging the darned thing behind me...
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  4. I got a really funny visual image of this and it cracked me up!!!
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    Thanks for posting the photos! They make me very glad to have my prior, now classic, Cabats.

    The wide weave just doesn’t appeal to me, maybe because of the relative absence of texture. I’m really trying to keep an open mind, but I’m not at all tempted. Too bad, I used to look forward to seeing the new Cabats every season. The fascination just died for me with these. I’m sure someone will prefer these to the old ones, though.
  6. E3880918-24D1-40E5-85CF-A46A19FB39C4.png EE930924-B772-4E45-A30E-585C5E26330B.png I told my friend about this new Maxi Cabat by Mr Daniel Lee. She commented that Mr Lee and the current chief designer at Balenciaga (whom I don’t know who this person is) must be siblings. I subsequently surfed the web and saw these. Cracked me up big time!
  7. The Cabat 30 seems like it could be more useful. The shoulder strap is a nice addition. I'd take a look at it if it was offered in the mist/nero combination. Meanwhile, I'm still not impressed and really feeling badly for the BV boutiques that have worked so hard to cultivate customer relationships with a wonderful product and terrific service.
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    Demna Gvasalia
    He brought fresh blood and vibe to the brand, but he did not touch the iconic classic, all City bags, regular and Metallic Edge are safe and NOT going anywhere, and even if not all new ideas were great and had success, overall brand reported huge rise in sales and profits.
    One small point to note - Balenciaga didn't raise the prices until they had 2 or 3 collections released by the new CD
    his first collected started in 2016 AW and prices went up only in 2018 (at least noticeably)
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  9. Couldn’t agree more! And he did look into Cristóbal Balenciaga’s archieves and gave the pieces his own touch, so he was respectful to the brand’s heritage. Also, whilst his Balenciaga could completely differ from Nicolas Ghesquière’s at first sight, he’s followed the same experimental spirit. Now, whether all the results have been great or not is a whole different discussion, but the sales are there and the prices aren’t outrageous, even after the hike.

    The thing is he did leave the classic pieces untouched, including the shoes and even made his own versions of them, which have been more attached to the original design than the Maxi Cabat vs the original Cabat. Then again, I guess there’s only so much you can do with a design like the Cabat, but ignoring the business POV, why fix it if it ain’t broke? On a final note, why not leave the classic pieces as part of a permanent collection with IDK, only a few basic colors like nero, espresso and a couple of seasonal ones instead of going clean slate? Is that too much to ask? Seems like it probably is, but we will have to wait until the runway in a couple of weeks to have a clearer vision of DL’s game here.
  10. :ghi5:
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    I much prefer the classic Cabats. These remind me of a checkerboard or diner flooring, with the giant squares. Nothing wrong with the flooring, but I hope that this exaggerated Intrecciato isn’t going to be permanent or the only pattern size available in the future.

    The spacing of the weave makes me think that one could accidentally get a pen or something snagged easily. Most likely not.

    Wonder how much these new bags will weigh?
  12. Muchstuff, you brought real joy to me yesterday and today. This morning I was still grinning about you dragging this along behind you. I promise I can picture this in my mind.
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  13. I'll try for a mod shot next time I go to the BV store :lol:...
  14. UPDATE: I was curious so I went onto the BV site. The maxi Cabat is 29.5" in height. The length between where I would hand hold a bag and the ground is 28.5". Assuming there's still strap drop to add in, I WOULD truly be dragging it behind me :lol::lol::lol:.
  15. Lady you are killing me!!
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