THE MAUDE HAT!! omg <3 it!

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  1. Ok so i fell in love with this hat....THE MAUDE HAT at

    has anyone seen it irl? anyone tried it on?? ANYTHING??? love love love the hat! kinda wish the flowers did not have the c's on it...but whatever i must figure out what it looks like and GET it! lol! love it

    what do u guys think?
  2. ooh this is super chic!
  3. I think a lot of their hats this season are super adorable... they remind me of something you would wear in the 20's with a bit of a modern flair. Love the maude hat... never seen it in real life or anything though!
  4. I love the hats too. I almost ordered one until I noticed the tax. It's outrageous for my area, and declined on buying one. But that Maude hat is definitely pretty though. I don't think the hats are available everywhere, which really upsets me.

    I noticed two that I wanted are available in the Bay Area, just 2 hours away. But they're only available in small/petite which is too tight for my head (I went to the Outlet to try on one of the old hats they have there, and it was indeed too tight for my head. So Medium/Lrg would work for me, I guess).

    But I love that hat too. If you ever get it, please do model it for us. I would love to see what it looks like in-person. :sad:
  5. I went and tried it on at the store I shop at and OMG it was sooooooo cute on. I felt like I needed a flapper dress to wear with it lol. You can't really see the C's on the flower. I didn't buy it because $300 for a hat is something I really have to think about, but I know I can't think long because it will be gone. It would look so cute with my navy walking coat I bought last spring.
  6. nice
  7. its super cute... very feminine...:tup:
  8. It's really pretty! I would wonder where to wear it I guess anywhere. I love the 20's look so much.
  9. Ooh, its so cute! I could never pull it off, but I bet it would be adorable for the summer.
  10. Someone needs to get this and then model it ASAP!!
  11. Very cute but I fell in love with the Tara Hat. I may have to break down and buy it. However, I could wait now that I have an outlet nearby. Maybe I wont. I would say go for it and if it doesnt look right when you get it send it back.
  12. That is the cutest hat! All of the new Coach hats are pretty adorable actually - I want the Maria! I know Coach partnered with a well known hat designer for this collection and it really shows (I think it was Eugenia Kim??)
  13. I am not a hat person, but that is very 20's. If you like it you should get it. I think that it would definetly look cute on the right person!!!

  14. I totally agree with this!
  15. That would make sense, they do have that vibe. Even my fiance commented on how cute it was, but I can't drop that kind of money on a hat even tho I wear them all the time. :yucky:
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