The Matelasse -- a good travel bag? Please weigh in.

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  1. Hi Everyone!

    I am in need of a big black purse/travel bag to carry on with me on the plane. I'd like one that can go over my shoulder and can still hold a lot of stuff without the worry of it breaking.
    I am contemplating the black Matelasse in both sizes. Matelasse owners, do you use your bags for this? Do you find that the quilted body makes it more durable and able to hold more? I have 3 bbags (2 leather, 1 pony). As lovely as the leather ones are, I worry that they would not be durable enough for this sort of duty.

    Please weigh in! :tdown: or :tup:

    Thanks so much!

    ps--it's between this and a ysl muse. i like how the bbag is wider, for starters.
  2. hmm... if you're looking for over the shoulder... I dont think its a good choice... you have to carry the matelasse in the hand theres no shoulder strap right?... why not use a city or PT? both big enough to carry everyday essentials and you can wear it over the shoulder.... good luck and have a good trip!
  3. I have both the Small/Medium and GRANDE/Large size Matelasse bags. I used the small/medium one last year when I traveled overseas on holiday ... and I wouldn't classify it as a great "travel" bag.

    While I love the style of this bag, because of its shape and the fact that the leather is quilted, in my opinion ... it's really too boxy for a bag that you would want to use for traveling purposes.

    I typically use my Weekender to/from my destination (since I pack a fair amount of stuff in it ... plus, I travel a great deal for business). I then pack a City or Part-Time bag within my luggage (or even in my carry-on) so that I have it for everyday use. Because the leather on these bags is so squishy, they can be packed easily without much bulk ... the same is NOT true for the Matelasse.

    Last but not least, the straps on the GRANDE size are large enough to place on the shoulder ... but I can't say the same for the Small/Medium size (unless you are a small-boned person). Is it comfortable on the shoulder ... well, that's to be debated ... I would say not really.

    So ... while I :heart: my Matelasse bags (and plan to get another one), I would say that you might want to look into another bag for travel purposes ... say, the Weekender, Courier, Messenger ... or even one of the newer style bags (Step, etc.).

    Good luck ...
  4. Thanks for the input! My worry with a regular leather bbag is that it will be too weighed down with stuff. I fear ripping the leather where the strap is attached (like on the PT or twiggy). Do any of you worry about this?:sad:

    The matelasse bags seem sturdier to me, like they can carry more weight. I contemplated a work, but I again have the problem of not putting it on my shoulder. I have also thought about a day, but I am more of a structured bag person.

    I tried both sizes of the matelasse at NM yesterday, and I am still undecided. Too bad I can't design my own bbag style.:nuts:
  5. The Matelasse is definitely sturdy but it's not comfortable for traveling, IMO. It's awful over the shoulder for me. What kind of stuff do you carry that you're worried about fitting in your regular bag?
  6. i don't think the matelasse is a good travel bag for the same reasons stated above. i would also add that the non-functional front pocket is inconvenient. i lug around a lot of stuff on a daily basis and don't worry about hurting my bags (but i wouldn't carry anything really heavy or pointy, like a laptop). i think bbags are great lightweight and chic travel bags.
  7. I agree the Matelasse is not the most comfortable for travel and has a boxy look/feel. I would suggest a Giant Hardware Weekender as there is more shoulder clearance on the handles than the regular Weekender. It really fits great over the shoulder and is super comfortable!
  8. Thank you all for your responses!

    addicted ali -- I will give the city and part time another shot. always nice to "visit" the bbags. If only the work fit over the shoulder.
    CeeJay -- Any news on if the step is an over the shoulder bag? It has a zipper, which is a huge requirement for me! Both bags fit over my shoulder, but without much wiggle room. Do you find that your work can hold a lot?
    Glimmer -- I would want to put enough essentials for an overnight if necessary. At the least, a book/magazine, makeup bag, sweater, sketchbook, and other essentials for a potentially long flight. I have a minibowling that I ADORE, but I fear weighing the leather down with too much stuff.
    kicksarefortwids -- The non-working zipper bothers me as well! The more I think about it, the more other styles cross my mind. I still love the wide base of this bag, though.
    hgbags-- I will try that one out.

    I may wait a bit and try out the step. If it fits over the shoulder, it might work for me.