The Match Game

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  1. I am new here, so I figure this has been brought up before, but I just have to ask. Do you like all of your stuff to match, like your coin purse, make up bag and wallet to all match your purse. I have a major fetish about all of it matching. Am I the only one? I usually have to buy them all at the same time too because it drives me crazy if it doesn't match. Or I buy a purse that already matches my accessories.
  2. I love it when they match! but if they don't is not that big of an issue.
  3. I'm not really concerned about my makeup case, wallet and the bag matching. However, when I wear big bags, I switch to long wallets and when I wear smaller bags, I switch to small wallets.
  4. I love for my stuff to match too. why have a gorgeous bag then put in a ugly or mismatched accessories. I have as many wallets as I do purses (almost) the exception for me is that if I carry a cosmetics bag it doesn't match. It's so fun to get different accessories to accessorize your accessories with!
  5. Same here....nowadays though I just use my LV wallet in all my handbags...somehow it manages to still look good. One thing I should mention though, all my bags are in neutral/fall colors.
  6. I actually really don't like to match my wallet w/ my purse. I don't know why but I feel like it's too much of the same pattern. I actually have a Burberry wallet but only use it when I use my Chanel bag. I tried using it in my Burberry bag put I could not deal w/ all the novachecks & had to switch it out! Maybe it's just Burberry...because otherwise I'm obsessed w/ matching everything else...
  7. I would like to see matching items but in truth, almost none of my stuff matches, lol! It's just not practical for me to change wallets, key pouches, card holders, cosmetic cases all the time, plus the fact that some of the bags I have, they just don't make some of these items so there's no way I could buy a whole "set".
  8. I love matching but I don't right now- I have a coach wallet in my Speedy. Until I decide which LV wallet to purchase, I'm going to be mismatched. But I think it's ok not to be entirely devoted to only one brand.
  9. I would love to have everything match... but it just gets too expensive. I'd rather have 2 new bags than a bag, a wallet, and a cosmetic bag that match. I have a LV koala wallet in mono and a poche toilette 15 in mono so that matches a couple of bags but that's it for me until I become a millionaire. :amuse:
  10. There was a recent thread on this. I think the majority of folks didn't care about matching. I like to match though, same brand not always the same line though
  11. I would love it if they matched but it doesn't bother me that mine never does yet.
  12. I don't mind if they don't match.
  13. Virgo? :lol::biggrin: just funnin'
  14. LOL! Yes I am a Virgo!
  15. I could not afford to buy a matching wallet, coin purse, and makeup bag for every bag I own. I have a couple of wallets with coin purse included ... I don't like having coins separate from money wallet ... to much of a hassle ... I have one makeup bag that I use. In the perfect world it would be nice... lol