The Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Black Chanel Hobo everyone's been lusting for - on Ebay!

  1. Just curious to see the final cost. 2000 is my wild guess ;)
  2. ^love this bag, back in 2002 chanel seems a lot cheaper!!
  3. :wtf: I hope it's not $2000! I think the ladies said that bag retailed for less than $1200!!!

  4. WOW! 2k - that style really retains its value.
    How old do you think it is -- 6 years?
  5. How come the hologram is purplish in color?
  6. I love that bag... but not for $2000.:s
  7. I think it came out in 2001 or 2002, I used to own it in the dark teal blue, and back them I think it retailed for under $900 (wow missed those prices!)
  8. I think the price will get that high (if not higher) because people have seen it on the Olsens.
  9. I wonder about how the seller mentions - no authenticity card.
    Kind of curious, seems that would be important when buying off eBay or if you want to resell it?
    I'm Obviously wrong -- Any thoughts
  10. If I really want the bag and know it's the real deal, the card doesn't make the bag more or less the real thing, does it? I found the heart chain bag on eBay without its card. I've learned never to say never; there is always an exception.
  11. i agree. before i started selling bags on ebay, i never kept those authenticity cards. but now i do as i find it's much easier to sell designer bags with it. but just because a seller doesn't have the authencity cards does not mean the bag is authentic.
  12. Jmen - I hope you win it :smile:
  13. I think if personalshoppers has this bag, she could jack the price up to 3000 BIN and I believe someone will snatch it the moment it shows up on her list. Just a guess though :drool:
  14. I am watching this one as well, I think it may be a tpf bidding war! I am not a bidder though, just a watcher! Good luck ladies!